Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2016

Virgo Forecast April 2016

The main headline this month is the enormous power in your 8th house. The 8th house was strong last month, but nothing like it is now. Some 70 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there. So this is, again, a sexually active month. No matter your age or stage in life, there is greater than usual sexual activity.

The danger this month is over-indulgence – doing more than you really need. This depletes vital energy that is needed for other things. Indulge by all means, but in moderation. This is a month where you have encounters with the dark angel of death. This doesn’t mean literally death, but more on a psychological level. Perhaps there are dreams of death. Or you read an article in the paper of a death which, it strikes you, could have befallen you.

Perhaps you have a neardeath experience. The dark angel is reminding you that life on earth is fragile and short, and that you need to be doing the really important things now. Death can come into your consciousness in other ways, too – perhaps you are involved in estate issues, or you are named in someone’s will or appointed executor of a will.

These issues all seem favourable. If you are involved in tax, estate or insurance issues, this is the time to push them forward. Your spouse, partner or current love is doing very well financially – even better than last month. He or she is more generous with you. Dealing with issues of debt is also favourable now. Good to pay off some debt this month. If you can’t pay it off completely, this is a good month to refinance or make a structured plan for paying it off.

You have good access to outside money this month. If you have good ideas, there are investors out there willing to invest. Your borrowing power is increased. Again, as with sex, the danger is over-indulgence. You really need to discern sharply between constructive and destructive debt these days. Also it is good to analyse your debt during this period.

What percentage of your income goes to debt service (mortgage, car payments, credit cards, etc.)? If it is over 30 per cent, your debt load is too high and you need to address it. Health is good and detox regimes are still very favourable. Health will get even better after the 20th.

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