Aquarius October 2016

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

When your love planet entered Libra last month (on the 23rd) there was an immediate, and very natural, improvement in love. The mind orientation that you had was replaced by the heart orientation, and this alone improved things.

You and your beloved might still have opposite perspectives on things – but at least there is more heart energy. When the perspectives are opposite, this doesn’t mean that one or the other is automatically right or wrong. Both perspectives are valid. Sometimes one is called for, sometimes the other. The two perspectives should complement each other rather than conflict with each other. And this is the meaning of a true, heavenly marriage.

Your love planet is in the 9th house until the 23rd. Thus love opportunities happen in educational or religious-type settings – at university or church. Love can happen in foreign lands or with foreigners as well. The unattached can easily fall in love with a minister or professor. You are allured by refinement, education and piety.

You are allured to people you can look up to and learn from. On the 23rd your love planet moves into the 10th house. This bestows a more pragmatic approach to love. Power and status allure you. Love can seem (temporarily) to be just another career move, another job. Romantic love is replaced with pragmatic love.

Love opportunities happen with people involved in your career or as you pursue your career goals. There are opportunities with bosses and superiors. Sexual magnetism is also a major factor. Sex, money, power and position are the motivations behind love during this period. With your love planet in Scorpio from the 23rd onwards, passions run high in love. The danger here is jealousy and over-possessiveness. On the 23rd you enter a yearly career peak and you can expect much progress now.

You have met (or are meeting) just the right people who can help you advance. Your social contacts (as well as your spouse or current love) are very supportive. (Your lover is also succeeding in career matters this month.) Children are elevated in status, too. This is a period where you advance by attending the right parties, or hosting them, or entertaining clients and those important to your career. Even family seem supportive of your goals. And the family as a whole is elevated in status.

Health needs watching from the 23rd onwards, but long-term health is good. This is a temporary spell. Just rest and relax more, watch your moods and what you eat. There are many spiritual breakthroughs, insights and supernatural-type experiences this month. Prayers are answered more quickly. You are closer to the invisible world.

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