Aries Horoscope September 2016

Aries Monthly Horoscope: September 2016 

The planets make an important shift this month. They move from the lower half to the upper half of the horoscope. Presumably by now (hopefully) you have found your point of emotional harmony and now you are ready to give more focus to your career.

Your dreams and visualizations of the past few months are now ready to manifest in tangible reality. The upper half of your horoscope will be dominant from the 23rd to the end of the year. Career seems successful now – Saturn, your career planet, is moving forward and will start to receive positive stimulation after the 23rd. It will receive even greater stimulation (power) next month. So go for the gold. Until the 23rd you are still in a serious work-orientated period. So continue to handle all those pesky details of your job that need to be done.

Your focus on health, until the 23rd, is also very positive. For after the 23rd health is more delicate. The preventatives you take now will help you later on. As always, rest and relax more and do your best to maintain high energy levels. Avoid worry and anxiety – two demons that sap your energy and weaken your aura. Until the 8th enhance your health by paying more attention to your heart – note the reflexology points to the heart in our chart (page 22) and massage them regularly.After the 8th pay more attention to your small intestine. The right diet will become more important as well. After the 25th pay more attention to your kidneys and hips.

Massage the hips regularly, and the reflexology points to the kidneys. After the 25th love problems – problems in your marriage or with friends – can have an impact on your physical health. Work to resolve these issues as best you can and you’ll feel a lot better physically. On the 23rd you enter a yearly social peak. So there is more dating, going out, more parties and gatherings happening. Singles are more interested in serious love, and can find it.

Marriage, however, still doesn’t seem advisable this year. Let love develop slowly over time. There is a short-term love conflict from the 16th to the 19th. If you’re not careful it can tank a serious relationship. Try to roll with it – minimize the negativity. A good relationship can survive this. (A short-term financial crisis could happen during this period, too – it will pass. Finances are still basically healthy overall.) Your socializing this month will help your career. Friends are more supportive of your career than usual.

The planets are now (after the 23rd) in their maximum western position. A strange feeling for you, for your normal independence is not there. Avoid enforcing your personal will, flow with events, curry favour with others and the tides of the universe will carry you to your destination. Yes, you will be making an effort, but it is the tide that will do the real work.

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