Aries Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Aries Forecast November 2016

Health is much improved this month, and will improve even further after the 23rd. You can enhance your health even further by paying more attention to your colon, bladder and sexual organs (until the 2nd) and to your liver and thighs afterwards. Massage your thighs regularly. (This advice is in addition to what we have written in the yearly report.)

Your health planet will go retrograde on the 24th, so if you are making any major health changes, try to do so before then. Until the 23rd your 8th house is very strong. So you are still in a sexually active period. As mentioned last month, this period is good for detox regimes, investigating deep occult subjects, getting more involved with the spiritual aspects of sex, and dealing with estate issues or insurance claims. Probably your line of credit will increase this month (this could have happened last month as well). For singles, there is another shift in the love life. Last month it was sex appeal that turned you on, and while this is still important, you are looking for deeper things.

You like someone you can learn from – someone highly educated. A guru or mentor type. Students can easily fall in love with their professors now, and laypeople with their minister. Sexual magnetism (if there is nothing else) has a life span of about eight to nine months. But a good philosophical compatibility, an ability to share and be intimate on the higher mental levels, will last a lot longer.

A romantic evening these days can take the shape of a juicy philosophical discussion. Singles find love opportunities in foreign lands, with foreigners, or in a religious or educational setting (at church or university). Troubled relationships can be treated in various ways now – first, by travelling together to exotic locales, second by worshipping together, third by taking courses together as a couple. There is a need to strengthen the ‘upper mental’ bonds now. Finances are good.

Your financial planet is in Sagittarius in the 9th house – the most fortunate of all the houses. This brings financial expansion and very high financial goals. The sky is the limit for you now. This also brings luck in speculations and financial opportunity from foreigners, foreign countries, foreign investments and foreign companies.

You are much more of a free spender these days – more so than last month, regardless of outer economic conditions you have an unflappable optimism. Venus crosses your midheaven after the 26th. This brings career opportunity and success, but also pay rises, the financial favour of bosses, parents, parent figures and elders, and romantic opportunity with (or through) these people. You are getting ready to enter a yearly career peak.

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