Aries October 2016

Aries Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

Retrograde activity is still strong, but not as strong as last month. Jupiter, your travel planet, started to retrograde late last month and will be retrograde until the end of the year. Those of you planning longdistance travel might be better off rescheduling, but if you can’t, take more precautions – allow more time for the journey. Health still needs watching – and with your 6th house more or less empty this month you might have to force yourself to pay attention. As always, do your best to maintain high energy levels. Talk less, listen more. Rest when tired.

You can also enhance health by keeping harmony in your marriage and friendships, by paying more attention to your kidneys and hips (until the 13th), and your colon, bladder and sexual organs (after the 13th). Safe sex and sexual moderation are important after the 13th. Though health needs watching all year, you should feel improvement after the 23rd. You are still very much in your yearly social peak. Singles have lots of love opportunities. But your passion for personal freedom, your need to stay uncommitted to anything, works against serious relationships. On the 9th Venus moves into Scorpio and your preferences in love shift. Of late you were interested in power and position, but now it is sexual magnetism that is paramount.

You are still mixing with people of high power and prestige these days – especially early in the month. (This was also in effect late last month, too.) There are romantic opportunities with people of high status (and perhaps bosses).

The Sun transits your career planet from the 11th to the 13th and this brings interesting and happy career opportunity. Children of appropriate age also have career opportunities then. (Actually career has been good from September 22 – last month – to the 23rd of this month. But the dates we mention are when the aspects are most exact.) On the 23rd your 8th house becomes very strong (it started to get strong on the 9th, but now it is at its greatest strength).

This shows a sexually active period. Whatever your age or stage in life, the libido is stronger now. But there are other ways to channel the sexual drive: you can cultivate your occult studies, raise the sexual energy to a spiritual level and thus attain many spiritual gifts and powers, or investigate reincarnation and life after death. Financially, things are good. After the 9th you prosper by putting the financial interests of others ahead of your own.

Your spouse, partner or current love prospers this month – he or she is in a yearly financial peak now and seems generous with you. If you have issues with insurance companies or estates, this is a good period to deal with these things. If you are looking to borrow or refinance, this is also a good period.

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