Cancer Horoscope September 2016

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: September 2016 

You are still very independent early in the month, as Mars is still in your 1st house. This makes you very dynamic. You have personal charisma and sex appeal. You excel in athletics (you are at a personal peak for the year). You want your way and tend to get it. Most of the planets are still in the East and now is the time for you to have your way and to create the conditions that you will enjoy for the rest of the year. This independence is soon to change, however. On the 19th, Mars leaves your sign. By the 25th, the western, social sector of your chart starts to dominate. Mars in your own sign is not above getting things by brute force – physical or psychological. But now, this way won’t work.

You need to cultivate your social skills. Other people have more to say about your life than usual. Like last month, Mars in your own sign indicates an ‘image of success’. You project this image and other people see you this way. Career opportunities still pursue you, though career is not that important these days. Still, it is nice to have the luxury of choice. Red is a nice colour to accessorize with until the 19th. A parent or parent figure seems very devoted (more so than usual) and perhaps is staying with you. On the 23rd (actually even before that) you enter Cancerian heaven.

Your 4th house of home and family becomes very powerful. The cosmos ‘forces’ you to do what you most love to do – be there for the family. Cancerians are lovers of history. Generally (each one is different) they have amazing memories (a 60-year-old Cancerian can still tell you exactly what he wore on his first date, what he did and what his future wife wore).
So there is more nostalgia (greater than usual) this month. Old memories – some good, some bad – will come up for digestion and resolution. (A very important psychological process.) Those of you involved in therapy will have very nice breakthroughs and insights this month.

You are entering the ‘midnight’ of your year. A new day is starting to dawn, but it is not yet apparent. Your career and outer life are still important to you, but you need to work at them in the ways of night rather than of the day – through dreaming, fantasizing, visualizing – inner methods, rather than outer methods. This will lay the groundwork for future success.

Health again becomes more delicate after the 23rd. Some 60 to 70 per cent of the planets are in stressful alignment. This is not as stressful as March, but still one of the most delicate periods in your year. Rest and relax as much as you can. Do your best each day, and then let go. Don’t sweat the small and unimportant stuff. Keep your focus on the really important things in your life. It’d be a good idea to see a masseuse, acupuncturist or reflexologist on a regular basis. These therapies not only strengthen all the various organs of your body, but enhance overall energy.

Love seems happy this month. You are in the mood for romance – real romance. There is an opportunity for a business partnership or joint venture towards the end of the month. (There are some financial upheavals – temporary – then as well.) The new Moon of the 27th also seems happy for love. Those of you who are unattached find romantic opportunities through the family or family connections. Family is not above actually ‘engineering’ romance during this period.

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