Cancer Monthly Horoscope August 2016

Monthly Horoscope for Cancer sign

The planetary power is now established in the lower half of your horoscope. You are in the ‘night time’ of your year – the pause that refreshes. Sure, you have career responsibilities – these are not going away – but you can shift more energy and attention to your family, home situation and emotional harmony. With Mars in your own sign from the 3rd onwards, career opportunities are coming to you. You are in demand.

You can’t escape career success even if you wanted to. Your career planet makes some dynamic aspects this month – from the 8th to the 13th it is in stressful aspect with Uranus and Pluto – two mighty powers. Later in the month (from the 21st to the 27th) it will square Saturn. Once again, as we have been seeing for months now, there are dramatic changes in your career, corporate hierarchy and industry. Almost revolutionary kinds of changes. But you seem OK. When the career planet squares Saturn it shows some conflict between parents or parent figures and your spouse or current love. This will pass; try to stay calm in the midst of it.

You are still in a yearly financial peak until the 23rd. Earnings are strong. You are more speculative and a free spender. Probably more of a risk-taker in finances as well. Though earnings are good, your financial judgement could be overly optimistic until the 23rd. Try to put aside some of your excess into sound investments.

You have the financial favour of friends, siblings and spiritualtype people. Financial intuition is good this month but needs more confirmation until the 26th. Mars in your own sign gives you great independence (and most of the planets are still in the eastern, independent sector of your chart), so create the conditions that you want in your life. Let the world adapt to you. You achieve more in quicker time. You excel in athletics and exercise. With Mars in your own sign you need to watch your temper and the tendency to rush.

You want everything ‘yesterday’ and sometimes this can lead to accident or injury. Make haste by all means, but in a mindful way. Mind your tone of voice with others, too. You might not feel it, but more power exudes from you now – and what seems like a trifle to you can be devastating to another. Health is reasonable this month, but still needs watching. Read the comments in the yearly

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