Cancer Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Cancer Forecast November 2016

Jupiter and Neptune have been retrograde for many months – these past few months have not been favourable for foreign travel. Students have had delays (and perhaps much confusion) with applying or being accepted to university or graduate school.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Happily, this month things are changing. Jupiter is still retrograde all month, but Neptune moves forward on the 9th. So clarity is happening in your educational plans. (Next month, when Jupiter starts to move forward, there will be even greater clarity and you will be able to start making concrete plans.)

Travel is better aspected this month than in previous months, but it’s probably best to wait until the end of the year (after Christmas) for foreign trips (if possible). Of course, if you must travel, do so – but allow more time for getting to your destination. You are still very much in party mode until the 23rd. We need times like this to re-create ourselves. Finances still seem happy and good. There is luck in speculations. Moreover, you seem to enjoy the act of money-making.

This is a month for ‘happy money’ – not money that is earned by the sweat of your brow. (After the 23rd is more of a time for ‘sweat of your brow’ money as your financial planet enters your 6th house of work. But even so, you seem to enjoy your work.) Professional investors should look at bonds, mortgages, gaming, entertainment and energy stocks until the 23rd. After that the health industry, foreign companies, book publishers and foreign carriers seem interesting. Your spouse or partner has friendships tested. Cars and communication equipment will get tested as well. Job-seekers have good fortune this month. Perhaps one good prospect doesn’t materialize, but you have many other options – something even better will come up.

You are more focused on health than at any time this year. This is good. Right now, health is relative good (compared to March and October) but the work that you do now will help you next month when health again becomes more delicate. The Sun makes a stressful aspect with Neptune from the 19th to the 23rd. Analyse all important financial decisions – investments or purchases – more carefully. There can be much non-disclosure now. It is up to you to do your homework. Mercury, your spiritual planet, makes a square to Neptune from the 1st to the 3rd. Dreams and intuition need more homework and more verification.

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