Cancer October 2016

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

Finances were good last month and continue to be good this month. Until the 23rd, the family is very supportive. You may spend more on the family, but can earn through them as well – the family business, family connections, family support.

You also have the financial favour of parents, parent figures, bosses and authorities in your life. There is good spousal support this month as well. And, like last month, there is a good opportunity for a business partnership or joint venture. Social connections are unusually important in finance this month. Good friends are like money in the bank. After the 23rd your financial planet moves into your 5th house. This is also a good financial signal.

You might be a bit ‘happy go lucky’ with money – a big spender – but you will also earn well, too. You feel that money is to be enjoyed, not hoarded for some far-off future time. Personal creativity brings profits – and those of you involved in the creative arts should have a banner month. Speculations are favourable. When the Sun moves into your 5th house on the 23rd, you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak.

A party period. A period for leisure activities. You are always good with children, but this month more so. Your own ‘inner child’ gets loose for a season. Health starts to improve after the 23rd as well, but in the mean time keep in mind what we said last month. It is one of the most delicate periods of your year.

Love is still excellent this month – whether you are single or married. Your love life is active. There is more going out and more parties (and more entertaining from home). A romantic evening is likely to be a nice quiet dinner at home. Later in the month, after the 23rd, you crave more of the nightlife.

This month singles have options for serious or non-serious love – both seem plentiful. Serious love seems more interesting before the 23rd. Afterwards you are allured by ‘fun’ kinds of relationships. Friendships have been good since June and this trend continues in the month ahead. The job situation seems complicated – there is more stress at work after the 23rd. You are not sure if you want to keep your present job. Don’t make important decisions on this front now – your work planet is still retrograde. Job-seekers need more patience now.

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