Capricorn Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Capricorn Forecast November 2016

Spirituality has been important in your financial life for many years. Children have become more spiritual since June, but now your spirituality is of a different sort. It is more about clearing the psychological blockages to the inflow of spirit.

This can be demanding, painstaking work, but you seem willing to do it. Spiritual healing is also a major interest (as it should be this year) from the 2nd onwards. Those of you in the creative arts are being inspired in dreams, as you meditate or through spiritual-type people – ministers, psychics, channellers and the like. Even your career seems involved with spirituality this month (from the 2nd to the 26th). Though your health is improved over some of the periods in the past year, it still needs watching.

This is a month to go deeper into the spiritual dimensions of health. To explore the spirit’s power to act directly on the body and to keep it from disease. Prayer, meditation, reiki, the laying on of hands and the manipulation of subtle energies are all powerful therapies this month.

This is unusual for a Capricorn, as you tend to be conservative in most things. Those of you on the spiritual path might want to explore kundalini yoga, tantra and the spiritual paths that deal with the sexual force. It is a period where this force needs to become more spiritualized. Finances improve dramatically after the 23rd. Earning power is increased. But Uranus is still retrograde and your financial life is still under review.

This shows changes in your spiritual life, in your practice, methodology and approach. Generally these changes come about from interior revelation – new light, new understanding dawns, and so the old spiritual practices need modification. There are still dramas and upheavals in a charity or spiritual organization you belong to – these issues seem to have been going on for some months now. If you are involved in estate, tax or insurance issues, you can expect a dramatic turn one way or the other.

You will start to see action in these affairs. Venus moves into your sign on the 26th. For singles this brings fling opportunities – not serious love but ‘entertainment’ type love. You will be more involved with children and those who are like children to you. They seem devoted. Career opportunities are seeking you out as well. You have been successful all year, but now you are looking the part more – dressing to show your status. Good to accessorize with green and burgundy right now.

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