Gemini Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Gemini Forecast November 2016

The coming month is eventful and brings many changes. It is strong on you, so take a reduced schedule a few days before and after. Secondly, the planetary power shifts from the lower half of your horoscope to the upper half. Day is breaking in your year.

You are, symbolically speaking, waking up from a good night’s rest. Now it is time to pursue your outer career and worldly objectives. This shift will be complete by the 24th. Thirdly, on the 9th your career planet, Neptune, finally moves forward again after many months of retrograde motion. So there is more clarity about your career; you know where you have to go and what you have to do. And you have the enthusiasm and energy to do it. Fourthly, on the 23rd you enter a yearly social peak.

Your 6th house of health and work got powerful last month on the 23rd. Though health is good you are focused more here, probably from a preventative or cosmetic perspective. Mercury was in your 6th house from the 13th of last month to the 2nd of this month.

You have seen that your state of health affects your personal appearance in a more dramatic way than usual. Your interest in health and the regimes you are doing will help you get through the period after the 23rd when health is more delicate. You can enhance your health by paying more attention to your heart (all month), to your lungs, small intestine, arms and shoulders (until the 2nd), and your kidneys and hips (until the 2nd).

The most important thing is to maintain high energy levels. An exciting month for love. Things that have been festering a long time and have never been dealt with. Good relationships can become even better after this catharsis. Flawed relationships usually don’t survive. There are dramatic events in the lives of partners and friends.

Your spouse, partner or current love is forced to redefine his or her image, personal appearance and self-concept.There are likely dramatic events with siblings, neighbours and in your neighbourhood. Be more patient with bosses, parents and parent figures from the 1st to the 3rd and from the 17th to the 21st. Love is still in spiritual locales, but this month it is also found in the usual settings: parties, social events, weddings and things of this nature.

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