Leo Horoscope September 2016

Leo Monthly Horoscope: September 2016 

Finances are not affected by all of this. In fact, it is just the opposite. Your financial planet moves very quickly this month, showing confidence and forward momentum. You are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak, and this period seems even better than last month. You still have the financial favour of parents, parent figures and bosses.

If you have issues with the government, try to resolve them now, as they too seem favourably disposed towards you. Financial opportunities and windfalls still pursue you until the 9th. Until the 9th (and this was true the past few months as well) your personal appearance seemed to play a big role in earnings, thus you were spending on yourself. You cultivated the image of wealth (and this costs money). But by the 9th this is over with. You seem more into savings and investment. You are more conservative. You want the most from your investments. Money is earned.

You are much less rash and speculative than you have been over the past few months. Professional investors should look at the health field for profit opportunities. Job-seekers meet with good success all month. After the 25th, siblings, neighbours and social contacts are important financially. Good sales and marketing – good use of the media – is important.
You need to get the word out on your product or service. Professional investors should look at the beauty industry – fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, art, perfumes – for profit opportunities. Telecommunications, transport and media companies – always good for you – seem even better during this period.

Love is complicated this month. There seems to be distance between you and your beloved – as if you are living separate lives. Most of the month there is distance, but not conflict. After the 22nd, however, there can be outright disputes. These things are short term. Don’t make things worse than they need to be. Avoid making important love decisions now. Communication is not only important financially but in general as well.

Your 3rd house becomes powerful after the 23rd. This is a time to once again become a student. Take courses in subjects that interest you. Classes in finance or the markets would be interesting, too. This is also the time to touch base with all those people you’ve neglected over the past few months. Catch up on your phone calls and e-mails. It’s also a good period (after the 27th) to launch mailings or advertising campaigns. Health is good this month. You seem more interested in health as well. Saturn, your health planet, is getting stimulation from the short-term planets. If there have been health problems you should hear good news now. Your personal healing ability is also stronger.

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