Leo October 2016

Leo Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

This month (and this was the case last month as well), you have a ‘splash’-type chart pattern. This means that the planets are pretty much scattered all over the chart. This shows that many, many interests distract you. It is more difficult to hold your focus than usual. Normally you are quite a focused kind of person, but now focusing is more difficult – you have to work at it.

Career is still important, and will be so for the rest of the year, but most of the planets are below the horizon. Your 4th house is soon – after the 23rd – becoming powerful. A clear message: focus on home and family. Do whatever needs to be done to maintain family and domestic harmony (as well as personal emotional harmony).

Your family planet, Pluto, has been retrograde for a long time, but last month (on the 16th) it started to move forward again. Very beautiful timing. The decisions you are likely to make will be good. There is clarity in this area of life. When the 4th house is strong, people enjoy the simple pleasures of home and hearth – simple family gatherings, eating in, being a devoted dad, mum or child.

Leo is generally the ‘night owl’ – the party person. But this period you are more subdued. The simple pleasures – rather than cabarets or casinos – are alluring. After the 9th your spiritual mission is the family – to be there for them. On a more mundane level, you are working more from home. Career opportunities come through the family or family connections – financial opportunities as well. For many months now, the eastern sector of your horoscope has been the dominant one. You have been in a period of personal independence.

You could have (and probably have had) things your own way. You’ve created new (and hopefully better) conditions for yourself. Now it is time to ‘road test’ these. On the 23rd the planetary power once again shifts to the western, social sector. You’ve spent a few months developing personal initiative; now it is time to cultivate your social skills. Personal action can only do so much; you need the grace of others to achieve your success. It’s more difficult to change conditions now. Adapt as well as you can to what is. (This is called ‘paying karma’, good or bad.)

Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests is still strong until the 23rd – the trends that we wrote of last month are still in effect. Health becomes more delicate after the 23rd as well. Overall your health is good, but this is not one of your best periods. Do what you can and then rest more. The problem now is that Mars is in your own sign. You might be pushing your body beyond its limits. Mars in your own sign has many good points, however. A teacher, guru or mentor is coming to you. There are travel opportunities.

You have more courage and drive. Athletic ability is enhanced. You get things done very quickly. Mind your temper and your tone of voice. You could be giving off energy that seems aggressive to others.

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