Libra Horoscope September 2016

Libra Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

Your financial planet finally moves forward after many months of retrograde motion. Yes, there are still many dramatic financial changes going – this is a long-term trend – but at least now you have more clarity and direction. Financial decisions should be more realistic now. Last month, on the 23rd, your 12th house of spirituality became strong, and it is still strong until the 23rd of this month. Librans are social creatures, but more solitude, more quiet time, is called for.

You need to feel your own aura. When you are comfortable in your own skin, others will be more comfortable with you. This will actually, in the long run, improve your social situation. This is a month for supernatural kinds of experiences. The depth of these will depend on your evolutionary status on the path. But everyone will have them, in their degree.

You can expect a more active dream life, more involvement with spiritual people and spiritual books and literature. Those on the path will have deep spiritual breakthroughs. It would be good to go on a spiritual retreat now, if you can swing it – to attend spiritual workshops or gatherings, or go on a religious-type pilgrimage. Anything that deepens your connection to the divine within you is good these days. The invisible powers – the powers that actually control the world – will show you what life can be like when you are connected.

You are stuck on some deserted road with car problems and no one is stopping, you pray and, within 30 seconds, someone pulls over and helps you out. These are not random things, but teachings – not from any book, but designed specifically for you. On the 23rd, as the Sun starts to cross your Ascendant, you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak. A time to enjoy all the carnal, bodily pleasures. Yes, the body is important; it deserves good treatment and is designed to be happy. The problem is that the things we think will make the body happy are not always the right things. Enjoy the pleasures of the senses, but in moderation.

You look great this month. Personal charisma and beauty are now at a yearly high. You always have a unique sense of style, but right now (from the 16th onwards) even more. Others will certainly take notice. Health, too, is much improved. This is one of your best health periods in an otherwise difficult year. Nevertheless, exercise more caution and mindfulness when driving from the 16th to the 19th. Avoid risky activities. Avoid conflicts and confrontations.

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