Libra October 2016

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

The planets have been in the independent East since August. But now (and it began on the 23rd of last month) they are in their maximum eastern position. You are in the most independent period in your year. Sure, other people are important, of course, relationships are important, but so are you. Waiting for other people to make you happy is a waste of time now. Now you have life (more or less) on your terms, so create what you desire for yourself. Others will adapt to you now.

You are still very much in a yearly personal pleasure period until the 23rd. Enjoy it to the full but don’t overdo. Self-esteem and self-confidence are at their highest point of the year now. With more energy available to you, you will earn more money and achieve more. The world seems a brighter place these days.

Health is at its peak for the year now – but don’t get so overconfident that you think you can neglect it. This is a period to get your body and image in shape, a time to buy that new wardrobe or new accessories, a time for massages and physical pampering. On the 19th of last month your love planet changed signs.
It moved from Cancer to Leo and from your 10th house to the 11th house. It stays in the 11th house all this month. Again, your needs and desires in love change. Power and prestige are less alluring to you. Now you want friendship with your beloved – a peer kind of relationship.

You have been experimental and risk-taking in love since March, but now you are even more so. The more exotic the person, the more unconventional, the more you like them. You like the person who is ‘outside the norm’ – plain vanilla is not interesting. Those as yet unattached will find love opportunities at organizations or at group activities. Group excursions to resorts, casinos or nightspots seem interesting, too. Friends may play cupid, or may themselves want more than just friendship. With love in the 11th house the online world is also a venue for love.

This is a time for realizing your ‘fondest hopes and wishes’ in love. This is also a prosperous month. On the 23rd you enter a yearly financial peak. Most of the year, the problem has been a lack of interest in finance.

You’ve tended to ignore it, or not give it the full attention it deserves. But things are different now – you are focused here and it will show in your bank balance. Your personal effort of course makes the most difference, but friends and social contacts are also helping. Online kinds of businesses, or earning money online, seems good. Stay up to date with the latest technology. Of course, never neglect intuition (especially from the 13th onwards). Jupiter receives some stressful aspects this month – from the 13th onwards different planets move into opposition with it. This will test your car and communication equipment. Be more mindful when driving. Take more care communicating to others.

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