Pisces Horoscope July 2016

Pisces July 2016

Pisces Monthly Horoscope : July 2016

 Once again (like the one of June 15) there are dramas in the lives of children (or those who play this role in your life). They could also be facing some financial crisis, and may find that important financial changes need to be made. Parents or parent figures are also making important financial changes. There are more dramas at the workplace, and job changes or changes in working conditions are happening. There are dramas in the lives of employees or colleagues. There is more employee turnover for those of you who employ others.

There could be more health alarms, but a close look at your horoscope indicates that these seem overblown. Health is much better this month than last. Get a second opinion. Thus it will test friendships and bring shake-ups in organizations you are involved with. Students make important changes in educational plans – this could be a change of school, change of course – things of this nature.

There are upheavals in religious and educational institutions you are involved with as well. Perhaps the most important thing that happens is that your faith gets tested – your religious and philosophical beliefs are challenged, and thus you get a chance to revise and update them.Happily, health is not only back to normal, but even supercharged this month.

You can enhance it even further by paying more attention to your heart (all month), stomach and breasts (until the 23rd), kidneys and hips (after the 23rd), and lungs, small intestine, arms and shoulders (from the 2nd to the 28th). You are still in the midst of one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks, and with retrograde activity on the increase, slowing down the pace of events, you might as well have more fun now. Last month, on the 4th, Jupiter moved into your 3rd house – thus, long term, you are more interested in expanding your mind and pursuing the pleasures of the mind (and these are pleasurable). Good communication skills will enhance your career – and bosses will be taking this into account when evaluating promotions.

Your mission until the end of the year is to be there for siblings (who need you) and to teach or learn from others. Health becomes a focus after the 23rd. Since health is good now, this probably relates to preventative measures and healthy lifestyles. Job-seekers will have good success. Your work ethic is strong, and employers will sense this. Your financial planet spends the month in your 4th house. This suggests that you are spending more on the family and the home, but also earning from these things.

You are financially supportive of your family and parents, and they are financially supportive of you. Property, restaurants, the food industry and the home improvement industry are interesting sectors for investors.

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