Pisces October 2016

Pisces Monthly Horoscope: October 2016 

Your planets are all over your horoscope this month – a ‘splash’-type chart. You might be trying to do too many things, and thus lose your focus. It is good to have many interests, but stick to the main ones. Work to finish what you start. Health is good this month and gets even better after the 23rd. You have all the energy you need to achieve any goal you desire.

You can enhance health even further through more attention to your head, face and skull, and adrenals, and through good muscle tone. Vigorous physical exercise is still important. A day at the gym will often do you as much good as a visit to a health professional. Also enhance health by paying more attention to your kidneys and hips (until the 23rd) and to your colon, bladder and sexual organs thereafter.

You are in a sexually active period, so more moderation is called for now. Listen to your body and you will know when you’ve had enough. Your financial planet moved into Leo on the 19th of last month. It will be here all of the month ahead. Thus you are more speculative and risk-taking in finance these days.

These activities proceed more smoothly before the 23rd than after. Investors should look at gold, utilities and entertainment companies for profit ideas. Since Leo is your 6th house, it shows that you are spending more on health, investing in your health (and perhaps health-orientated companies). Though you are speculative, it is your hard work, your productive service, which will create your good luck.

Your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak, and this no doubt should help you. On a financial level this is a month for paying off or refinancing debt, for attracting outside money if you have good ideas.

Your line of credit will increase. Money can come from an inheritance, insurance claims, royalty payments or spousal support. The theme this month is Scorpio and the 8th house. Until the 23rd your 8th house is powerful. After that, the sign of Scorpio is strong. So this is a month for detox on all the levels.

On a physical level, it is good for physical detox regimes. Good for getting rid of excess possessions or redundant bank or brokerage accounts. Good for depth psychology – and for getting rid of old emotional and thought patterns that are no longer useful to you. Perhaps at one time they were, but now they just clog up the works. The mind, body and feeling nature need to be swept clean. When this happens you find that you naturally ‘resurrect’ your mind, body and affairs. Your 9th house becomes powerful after the 23rd. This is a good period for students – especially at university or postgraduate level.

There is greater interest in their studies and this brings success. Foreign lands call to you as well. Singles will find love opportunities there. Love is very sexual during this period. Sexual chemistry seems the main factor in love. Good sex will cover up many sins in a troubled marriage. But good philosophical compatibility (the compatibility of the upper mental bodies) is also important after the 13th. If you are not on the same page in terms of your world view, even good sex won’t save the relationship. Too many other problems will crop up.

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