Sagittarius Horoscope September 2016

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

Jupiter, your ruling planet, was moving forward all year. Last month – on the 30th – Jupiter started to retrograde. He will be retrograde for almost the rest of the year (until December 25th). You’ve made a lot of personal progress this year; now it’s time to take stock. This is especially important in areas that relate to your image, personal appearance, wardrobe and how you think about yourself. We all have goals that relate to our body and appearance – this is natural.

Now is the time to review and see where improvements can be made. It is not really a time to make dramatic changes to the body or image. (I would think twice about a tattoo or things of that nature which can’t easily be undone.) By the 9th the planetary power shifts from the West to the East again. For the past six months you have been living with conditions as best you could – adapting to them. By now you know what is comfortable and what is uncomfortable, and what changes need to be made. So you have greater personal independence now to create conditions as you want them to be. The only complication is Jupiter’s retrograde – which tends to weaken self-confidence.

Yes, create conditions your way, but do more homework. Resolve your doubts and questions before proceeding. You are still very much in a yearly career peak. Your friends, spouse or current love is very involved and supportive.

You are meeting the people who can help you – and they are. As we saw last month, the main factor is your strong work ethic – your productivity. Love is a bit complicated now as your partner or current love seems above you and is calling the shots. Not everyone handles this well. The retrograde of Jupiter (which weakens self-confidence) is not helping, either. Yet there is a part of you – especially from the 9th to the 25th – that is allured by this power and prestige, by people above you in status and power. But after the 25th this allure will wear off.

You want friendship with the beloved, not a boss or manager. Until the 9th there are love opportunities (like last month) at religious or educational settings. From the 9th to the 25th the opportunities come as you pursue your career goals. From the 25th onwards they arise at group activities and organizations.

Health has been more delicate since the 23rd of last month. It is still delicate now, until the 23rd. Long term, your health is good, this is just a short-term ‘blip’ – a bump on the road. Enhance your health by maintaining high energy levels. Pay more attention to your small intestine until the 16th, and to your kidneys and hips afterwards. (Your kidneys and hips are always important for you, but after the 16th even more so.) Harmony in love and with friends is very important to your health (more so than usual) after the 16th. This is a prosperous month as well. Your financial planet is receiving much positive stimulation. Earning power is increased – just naturally, without much conscious effort on your part. Financial moves just have more ‘oomph’ behind them.

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