Sagittarius October 2016

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

The ‘splash’ chart pattern this month suggests that you need to work harder to keep focused. You are all over the place – many ventures, many interests, many projects. But if you don’t focus on the important ones, they will not get done. Another prosperous month. Earning power is stronger than usual, as your financial planet is still getting positive stimulation. Earnings are boosted by social connections, your spouse or partner, parents, parent figures and higher-ups.

Your good professional reputation also brings earnings opportunities; you should guard this zealously. Pay rises could come this month – either openly or through the back door. Sometimes a company does things that increase your income or take-home pay, without officially giving a pay rise. As has been the case all year (and last year too), it is profitable for you to be involved with groups, trade and professional organizations. Good to invest in technology and keep yourself up to date. Though the planets are mostly in the East – a time when self-confidence should be stronger – there are challenges here this month.

Your ruling planet is retrograde and receives stressful aspects during this period. Regardless of what is going on, you need to remember who you really are – a child of the most high. This essential truth is not touched by any of the ‘outer’ attacks on you. On another level, these attacks on your self-esteem and self-confidence play into your need to re-define yourself and your personal goals. We can set them up on more realistic levels. Humility is another spiritual lesson this month.

This doesn’t mean that you walk around like a ‘worm in the dust’, but that you acknowledge that this human personality is very limited and not who you really are. When it is weak, your true self, shines through. For Sagittarians it is always time to travel, but this month more so than usual. Mars in your 9th house all month shows travel that is fun and not just business related.

The main interest this month is friendships, groups and organizations – until the 23rd. Even romantic and career opportunities come to you this way. It is a month where you go deeper into your understanding of science, technology, astrology and astronomy. A time where you go deeper into your understanding of what friendship is – how to have friends and, more importantly, how to be a friend. On the 23rd spirituality becomes important.

This is a period to explore the mystical traditions of your religion (every religion has them). Go deeper and you will have the answers you need. Spiritual healing seems a big interest as well – since your personal health seems good, this is probably in regards to other people. Your personal spiritual practice is actually the most important thing from the 13th onwards. It is your mission – your career.

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