Scorpio Horoscope July 2016

Scorpio July 2016

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope : July 2016

There are upheavals in the religious institution that you belong to. Most importantly, your ‘faith’ gets tested now. What you believe is what tends to happen for you. What you believe – your core beliefs – is the way you experience life, good or bad. So getting rid of false beliefs and replacing them with new ones is a good thing. It is good to have our beliefs ‘tested’ by life periodically.

The only problem is that you have to make tough choices between ‘glory’ and ‘gold’. Some of these advancements are not so lucrative financially – at least not in the short term. You may have to sacrifice earnings for this advancement. Perhaps there is an investment of money involved, too. Parents or parent figure seem less supportive financially than usual (after the 23rd).

Health becomes more delicate after the 23rd. Rest and relax more, and focus on essentials. Health can be enhanced through detox regimes this month. Also pay more attention to the lungs, small intestine, arms and shoulders. Good mental health is important this month. Strive for intellectual purity.
Love is still wonderful. Until the 4th, sexual magnetism seems most important. From the 4th to the 23rd, philosophical compatibility is important.

You have the aspects of someone who falls in love with a professor or minister. Love opportunities happen in foreign lands or with foreigners. There are love opportunities in educational and religious settings – at schools or religious functions. Wealth has been an allurement in love since June, and after the 23rd status seems important, too.

Money and power are aphrodisiacs after the 23rd. Your love planet moves unusually fast this month. She moves through three signs and houses of your horoscope. So social confidence is good. You are covering a lot of territory socially. Singles are dating a lot and dating many different kinds of people. Wedding bells are ringing.

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