Scorpio Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Scorpio Forecast November 2016

Your personal pleasure peak continues strongly until the 23rd. And it is good that these periods don’t last too long – doubtful whether the body could handle too much of this. But it is certainly nice every now and then.

You look great. Health and energy are strong. Self-confidence and self-esteem likewise. Scorpios always exude sex appeal, but now with your 8th house ruler in your own sign (he entered on the 13th of last month and is there until the 2nd of this month) this is even stronger than usual. Understandable that you have love on your own terms these days. Though health is good, you can make it even better by paying more attention to your heart (until the 11th) and to your small intestine afterwards. Last month, after the 23rd, the planetary power shifted from the upper half (career and outer activities) to the lower half (home, family and internal kinds of activities). Career opportunities are still coming to you, but you seem less interested now.

You will weigh them up more carefully. You won’t just leap at a career opportunity merely because it pays well or offers prestige. You will analyse how it affects your family, children and your overall sense of emotional harmony. Success without emotional harmony is not real success – especially during this period.

Your family planet is still retrograde this month, so many issues involving the family and the home need more study. It seems that only time will resolve these issues. Nevertheless, it is time to focus more on the family – to serve them by being there for them. Handle the short-term issues and let the longer-term issues go. On the 23rd you enter a yearly financial peak. Earnings should be sky-high.

The only complication now is that your financial planet is retrograde. Major financial decisions – strategy and tactics – need more homework. Earnings will be higher, but there are probably more delays involved. U This might force you to make changes too quickly. Try not to make changes out of panic, but get into a quiet, calm state – an inner silence – then make your change. Next month your financial planet will start moving forward (on the 25th) and it will be safer to make dramatic kinds of changes. There is, once again, crisis in your local government.

Your love planet will be in your money house from the 2nd to the 26th. Your financial planet has been in your 7th house of love since June 4. They are in ‘mutual reception’ – co-operating with each other. This suggests a business partnership or joint venture. Your spouse, partner, or current love – your social connections – are even more co-operative financially than they have been all year.

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