Taurus Monthly Horoscope November 2016

Taurus Forecast November 2016

Your yearly social peak continues until the 23rd. Thus there is more dating, more parties, more social functions going on. A business partnership or joint venture could have happened last month and can still happen early this month. However, there is a need for patience as your financial planet goes retrograde on the 24th. As always, try to wrap up important financial moves before then. Joint ventures or partnerships – especially if they involve money – need a lot more homework this month. Things are not as they seem.

Though your financial life is more complicated, there is still prosperity happening. There are just more delays involved with it. You will probably hear the old line, ‘the cheque is in the post’ – many times. Eventually everything tends to straighten out – in the mean time, it is frustrating.

Health still needs more watching until the 23rd. Overall health is good, but this is a temporary stress period. Rest and relax more and pay more attention to your liver and thighs from the 2nd to the 26th and to your spine, knees, teeth, bones and skeletal alignment afterwards. (These are important all year, but especially after the 26th.)

Your yearly social peak continues until the end of the month – though technically it ends on the 23rd. Venus will travel with your love planet from the 26th onwards and this shows a romantic meeting for singles – a significant meeting. For marrieds it shows more harmony with your beloved and a ‘coming together’. There will be other happy social opportunities as well – important invitations or new friends coming into the picture. Your 8th house is powerful from the 23rd onwards. This is a time for ‘getting rid’ of the needless and useless.

This includes excess possessions that are just taking up space, old emotional and mental patterns (especially those of a destructive nature) and effete material in the physical body itself. Very good for detox regimes of all sorts. These are times when we learn the truth of the dictum ‘less is more’ – something that is counter-intuitive. Logically, more is more. Taurus more than most subscribes to this. Miraculously, you learn that when you get rid of the unnecessary, you allow space for ‘more’ to come to you. The universe is constantly showering us with gifts, but if there is no room to receive them, they can’t come.

This is a sexually active period as well – regardless of your age or stage in life, there is greater than usual libido operating. Your spouse or partner is having a good financial month and is more generous with you. However, he or she needs more caution in finances, too – the financial planet has been retrograde since August 30. Students are more focused on their studies after the 26th and this tends to bring success.

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