Taurus October 2016

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

The planets make an important shift this month – from the lower half of your horoscope to the upper half. By the 23rd the upper half (career and outer activities) will have more planets than the lower half (home, family, inner activities). Dawn is breaking in your year. The aurora of sunrise activates your outer ambitions. If you have used the past few months wisely – to get into your place of emotional harmony – you are recharged and ready to go.

Career is becoming ever more important for the rest of the year. Also this month you enter a yearly social peak. Technically it begins on the 23rd, but you will feel this even earlier – from the 9th onwards, as Venus enters your 7th house. Love is much improved over last month.

Your love planet is moving forward. You have good social confidence and judgement, and you seem very popular these days. You go out of your way for others. Whoever you are involved with knows that you are on his or her side, very devoted. Singles are more aggressive – pro-active – in matters of the heart. They are not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

They are out there making things happen. If you like someone, you are very direct about it and not afraid to make a direct approach. Also the aspects to your love planet are much improved over last month. Love is happy. There is harmony with the beloved. Singles will meet new romantic interests and these seem of a better calibre than those they have been meeting over the past few months. While you may not actually marry, you are meeting people you would consider marrying. There are at least three interesting romantic opportunities this month. This social focus and this willingness to go the extra mile for friends work out very well for you. The planets are still mostly in the West (and in their maximum western position after the 23rd).

You can’t do it on your own now. You need the help of others – their good graces – to succeed – and you seem able to get their good graces. This is a time to sort of forget about the self – avoid selfish thinking and focus. This excessive focus on the self is the cause of many psychological problems. It’s not all about you this period. As you let yourself go, you find clearer thinking and greater progress in life. It’s a kind of inner liberation.

Health is still good overall, but in the short term rest and relax more after the 23rd. This is not your best health period. Vitality is not up to its usual standards. Enhance your health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report and also by paying more attention to your kidneys and hips (until the 9th) and to your colon, bladder and sexual organs afterwards. Detox regimes are powerful after the 9th. Safe sex and sexual moderation are important after the 9th as well.

Finances are good. Until the 15th you earn the old-fashioned way – through work and service. Afterwards your social connections play a huge role in earnings. A lot of your socializing seems to involve business and finance. You socialize with the people you do business with. Your spouse or partner is more supportive than usual.

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