Virgo Horoscope July 2016

Virgo July 2016

Virgo Monthly Horoscope : July 2016

here are shake-ups in professional or trade organizations that you are involved with. A parent or parent figure makes important financial changes. Again, there are changes in your spiritual practice, teachers, methods and attitudes. Generally these come because of interior revelation. New light shows the need for a new approach. Happily, your health is much better than last month. If there have been problems, you hear good news now.

The credit for this will perhaps go to some new therapy or to a health professional (and they do deserve credit for being instruments), but the real truth is that the planets shifted in your favour and enhanced your overall vitality. Thus the healing was able to happen. Your love planet went retrograde last month – June 3. It will be retrograde until December.

This doesn’t stop love from happening, nor does it stop dating or the social life, it only slows things down. There is a need for more caution in love these days. A current relationship is being ‘re-thought’ and reviewed. There is uncertainty as to where things are going. Neptune has been visiting your 7th house since April 5, and will be there this month as well. Generally this brings ‘revelations’ in love, about a partner. Hidden things are uncovered. Sometimes these things are unsavoury and can test a relationship. But keep in mind, Neptune will also uncover hidden good points, too.

Your 11th house of friends is powerful this month (like last month). Thus it is a social kind of month – a month for getting involved with organizations and group activities. It is a period when you deepen your understanding of science, mathematics, astrology and technology. Much new insight comes this month. After the 23rd the power shifts to your spiritual 12th house. So this is also a period for spiritual, inner growth.

A period for having many supernatural and ‘synchronicity’ experiences. Career is furthered by your spiritual understanding, and by involvement with charities or selfless kinds of causes – causes aimed at the greater good – bigger than one’s own self-interest. There will also be revelation about your spiritual job and purpose for this life. Even your financial good comes in spiritual ways – through interior revelation, or guidance or intuition. You are delving more deeply into the spiritual dimensions of wealth.

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