Virgo Horoscope September 2016

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

On August 23rd you not only entered a yearly personal pleasure peak, but also a cycle of prosperity. This continues in the month ahead. Much of this prosperity has to do with the increase in your personal energy levels. When energy is high, things that were once impossible suddenly become possible. Options that couldn’t be taken up, can now be taken up. How you use your personal energy will play a big role in the size of your prosperity. If energy is merely frittered away on personal pleasure (if you overdo it) there will be less for finances.

Many of the financial trends of last month are still in effect. Your financial planet is still in your own sign until the 16th. Financial opportunities are still seeking you out. Even career opportunities are seeking you out after the 9th. With career less important now, you can afford to be choosy.

You needn’t leap at the first offer. To the world, you seem ambitious – you project this image – but in reality you are less ambitious than you look. By the 9th, 60 per cent and sometimes 70 per cent of the planets will be below the horizon. Outer success is less important to you. Inner success – a successful family life and happy family relationships – are more important to you.

Your financial planet receives some stressful aspects from the 16th to the 19th – so there is temporary turmoil – perhaps sudden expenses or unplanned for expenses. But don’t panic, they will be covered. You enter a yearly financial peak on the 23rd. Avoid financial risk-taking or speculations from the 16th to the 19th. Health is good this period.

This is reflected in your personal appearance. You look great – glamorous, stylish, with an other-worldly kind of allure. You are probably buying personal items – jewellery, clothing, accessories and the like – and your timing is good, your choices are good. Your taste is excellent (but perhaps expensive). Others take notice, for sure, but good looks alone are not enough for a serious relationship. You and your beloved are not in agreement right now.

This will improve later in the month – after the 23rd. Now it is the ‘live and let live’ attitude that is best for love. Grant freedom to your beloved, and claim freedom for yourself. From a financial perspective your good taste would be good for investments in art, jewellery, fashion (either the objects themselves or companies involved in these things). Partnerships could happen this month, too (business partnerships or joint ventures). Mars moves into your spiritual 12th house on the 19th.

This shows that a purging of negative thoughts and feelings is needed in order to succeed in your spiritual life. This is always important, but most especially after the 19th. Clear away the destructive thought and feeling patterns and you almost won’t need to read any books or attend any classes – spiritual power will just naturally flow. This transit also indicates a need for activism in your spiritual life – translating abstract ideals into concrete action.

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