Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2016

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo sign

The planetary power is now at its maximum eastern position, this month and next month. You are in a period of maximum personal independence. Sure, other people are always important, but you are not ‘needy’. Relationships enhance your pleasure and provide pleasures you couldn’t have on your own (and sometimes create complications that you wouldn’t have had on your own), but you are in a period where you have the pleasures of independence. Having things your way. Being able to create conditions suited to your personal specifications.

Why adapt to store-bought, mass-produced clothing when you can have them tailored specifically for you? So, now is the time to create what you want in your life. Let the world adapt to you – and it will. There is another shift happening this month. After the 23rd the balance of power moves to below the horizon. It is twilight in your year. You are watching the sunset. It is beautiful. An outer cycle – a career cycle – closes and night is falling. Time to regroup your energies, find your point of emotional harmony and get yourself ready for the next sunrise, which will happen in six months or so.

You are not giving up your career by any means. But now you pursue it in more inner-orientated ways – visualizing, dreaming, fantasizing, planning for the future. On the 23rd the Sun enters your 1st house and you initiate a yearly personal pleasure peak. Yet it is still a spiritual period, as the Sun is your spiritual planet. You will be shown spiritual methods for beautifying and transforming the body
. You will be having many bodily pleasures, but also spiritual ones. With the lord of the 12th house and Venus both in your sign at the same time, there is great glamour and beauty to your image.

You project an aura of mystery, of other-worldliness, of a beauty that is not of this world. Others certainly take notice. But a current relationship needs patience. Your new self-will and self-assertion might not sit right with your current love. You seem at odds for the time being. Newer relationships can temporarily stop. Good relationships will allow freedom for both parties – live and let live; I will do what I like and you can do what you like. Eventually these differences will dissolve. This is also a prosperous month. Until the 23rd, follow your intuition. Operate the spiritual laws of affluence.

You might not see the answers straight away, but by the 23rd, you will. Nice sums of money come to you. Sometimes it is not actual money, but financial opportunity that comes your way. Wealth is actually seeking you out these days, and will find you. You invest in yourself these days – in your body, your image, your appearance. You will dress expensively. People will see you as affluent. Good to accessorize with gold and earth tones this month. Health is good. You can improve it even further in the ways described in the yearly report. Your health planet has been retrograde for some months, so it is still not wise to make dramatic changes to your health regime or diet. These things still need further study.

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