Virgo October 2016

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

The planets are all over your chart this month. You have many interests and many activities. You have a more well-rounded development this month. The only problem here (especially for Virgo) is lack of focus. All the signs have this pattern now but, being a mutable sign, your tendency is to disperse your energies in too many directions. It is good to have many interests, but never lose your focus on your main goals. If you start something, make sure you finish it.

You are still in a prosperous period, well into your yearly financial peak. Financial goals are being attained. Friends and social connections are very supportive. Intuition is good. Spiritual guidance – either through dreams and interior revelation or from spiritual people – is very helpful now and coming to you. By the 23rd you should have attained your financial goals, or have made good progress towards them. Short-term financial goals are attained; the long-term ones need more time, but progress is made.

You can now focus on the ‘fruits’ of wealth. You have time to read for pleasure, take a course or seminar, attend lectures and workshops, expand your mind. Learning is one of the great pleasures in life, and this is what awaits you this month. Also you have time to catch up on your phone calls, letters or e-mails.

You have time to interact more deeply with your neighbours and siblings. With most of the planets below the horizon, home and family interests are rightfully dominant now. Your family planet is retrograde, however, so many issues there need time for resolution – there are no ‘quick fixes’ to these things. So pay attention to family matters, but avoid making major decisions. Do more homework. Things are not as they seem. Love is more harmonious this month. With many planets in Libra, you (and the world at large) are more romantic. Singles are meeting people, but the love life seems directionless.

There is so much uncertainty as to where things are headed. This doesn’t seem to be your fault – it seems more the problem of your partner, spouse or current love. Enjoy your love life for what it is; the future will take care of itself. Your financial planet opposes Jupiter from the 13th to the 16th. Be more patient with family members then, as there seems to be disagreement or conflict. The parent figures in your life need to be more patient with each other. Health is still good, but your health planet is still retrograde. Continue to avoid making major changes to your diet or health regime – changes CAN be made, but more homework is necessary.

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