1 to 7 August 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

All Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 1 August 2016 

Honesty can sometimes get us into more trouble than we bargained for. We are supposed to tell the truth, face up to the facts and generally be as open and realistic as we possibly can. But this can hurt, both ourselves and others. There is good and bad timing for candour and veracity. And this week, it does seem that every time you open your mouth, whether to say sweet nothings or diplomatically suggest your partner needs a new toothbrush, all you get back is defensive reactions or shocked retorts. In fact, if you can 'do' rather than 'say', the ferociously challenging energy this week, can be channelled into let's say, more physical delights.

The unfamiliar road ahead doesn't look so scarey now, in fact it gives you a sudden urge to travel (most unlike you) or just to change your lifestyle. And even though you won't tolerate anyone else's opinion, your fervour for change will certainly cause your partner, or someone new, to wonder if they're actually with a down-to-earth Taurus or a fiery Leo. But this week, truths have to be told. And even though it all seems scary, these different truths will create long-term joy rather than long-term pain, leading you or your love affair to fantastic changes in the months to come.

I have never met any Gemini who wants to live a routine existence (apart from those with Virgo rising). So if you do manage to live this way ( happily), please let me know your magic ingredient. I mean you're innately curious about life, and love must be a unpredictable, variable thing. And if you're not experiencing the light-hearted, fun-loving spontaneous side of love this week, then be golly you're
going to do something about it. Thanks to Mars and Jupiter, you're in one of those 'omigod I want to flirt, play, and do anything other than what's expected of me.' moods. Be daring, it's your right.

Jupiter's challenging influence this week triggers off a new impetus to love yourself more. If single, the loner in the pack suddenly becomes highly desirable; perhaps the dark horse in the office, or the man on the beach alone, has a secret you're determined to reveal? Like Mata Hari, you spy out the lie of the land with a seductive and beguiling charm. Attached, you wish he'd give up his computer obsession and take you on a surprise trip away. You change your look, but will he notice? You resolve to get on with your own career, but will he notice? Notice if he notices.  Feel the faith you have in yourself, feel it and most of all act upon it now.

There's no doubt that the happiness you seek is forthcoming. But things seem so inconsistent right now. Sometimes he loves you, sometimes he doesn't, and if you don't feel special and the queen of his dreams, then you're sure going to stamp your feet and flounce out the room like Scarlet O'Hara. And maybe, the wisest thing I can say to you this week, is that happiness is a bit like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder.

Mars has two moons named after Phobos and Deimos, the gods who drove Ares' chariot through the heavens. Phobos means 'fear' and 'deimos' means ' terror'. And with Mars rushing across the cups of your sign this week,  it's entirely understandable that you feel like you're being driven around the universe by 'fear' and 'terror' themselves.  And it's not so much fear of the unknown or the big wide world, nor is it any emotional threat from outside you. It's inside yourself. A fear that you might be inadequate in the love stakes, or not good enough. Luckily, by the end of the week, you can drop the self-sabotage, dump the hostility and start to be nice to yourself. Then someone special will too.

'I think therefore I am' was of course the whole rationale behind the Age of Reason, and since then we haven't really escaped this causal, reductive, scientific basis for who we are. But scratch your head or not, you know there is something mysterious, enigmatic and magical about love too. You accept there are feelings, intuition and the unexplainable. And because of Mars and Jupiter's wrangle in the cosmos, you will experience a burst of inner knowing. You're coming alive, no longer armed with a set of rules and measurements about how love should be, instead engaging in the immeasurable moment.

This week, take nothing as read. Don't make assumptions about how your partner feels, or what an admirer wants. For whether we're newly in love, or a long-term couple, nothing is cast in stone as you know.  With Jupiter giving you that 'I can get away with anything' feeling, please remember that sometimes you can't. But if you don't think before you act, then thoughtless words, hasty pronouncements, cruel criticisms and dramatic outbursts will probably be the outcome. Yet something good will follow. Neither allow dark fears to swallow you up, nor doubt to intimidate you. It's called, I suppose, finding a balance even though the pendulum is shifting in your favour.

Get fit. Jog, memorise a new word every day. Exercise your brain. Develop your self-awareness, supplement your storehouse of knowledge. These are all things that Jupiter in rigorous Aries is asking of you. Now if planets could talk (I'm convinced they have a language unique to their cosmic consciousness) Jupiter would also say, 'be more serious, learn new skills, work at love'. Ah 'love', an ambiguous word used ubiquitously. So what is your reality of love? What does it mean to you? Does it have to be shown through action or deeds, does it have to be spoken or just felt? Time to adjust to your true perception of love too.

In the preface to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis writes, "some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again'. And now is the time. You have inner authority and self-reliance, but you need to balance this crystalising energy with romance, fantasy and the magic of the 'Wardrobe' world itself. So walk through the wardrobe door and taking the plunge into passionate loving. Then, in the weeks to come, the cosmic line-up will confirm your true needs, reveal your wilder dreams, but most importantly give you the chance to either start all over again with the one you love, or throw yourself into a passionate embrace with someone new.

I'm sure you're familiar with the universal law of attraction. Simply, it states that like attracts like. Problem is we often think we 'fall' for someone who apparently represents everything that we are not. 'He's my opposite, that's why we get on like a house on fire!'. This is a blind. In fact, we usually attract who we already are, it's just we don't know we have those hidden qualities in us, so we import them via the one we love. And this month I think you're beginning to realise that the qualities of your lover or those you look for in a partner if single, are part and parcel of who you are.  Enjoy being attracted to yourself.

Our garments, rather like our make-up, figure, looks and hair are all clues to our inner disposition. We expose what we want to expose and cover up the bits we don't like. The same with feelings and thoughts. We cloak ourselves in ideas and emotional acquisitions. But our investment in feeling is far more powerful than any investment in a pair of heels. And what you're feeling this week, is for once very good about yourself. This in turn, is a sign to partners or admirers that you're in touch with your deepest desires. But a run of bad feelings between you both needs to be dispersed, so let off a little steam by all means, then start to look at how to improve your life. Firstly, what you need to change in both your physical and emotional wardrobe.

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