13 to 19 June 2016 Weekly Love Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes

That inevitable longing for romance pops up it's noble face again this week, and you begin to wonder that it's fine being someone's parent, lover or partner, but what about being your own self too?  With potent Jupiter joining rebellious Uranus in your own sign, make it clear what you want, and what you will and won't put up with in any current twosome. Remind your lover that you are passionate and sensual and need a highly spiced sex life, but you also want a good pal as well as bed companion.

If unsure of somebody, perhaps it's time to unhook yourself from their clutches?The powerful influence of Jupiter and Uranus this week, really can work for the good of your love life, but it can also bring up unresolved issues and concerns.  My feeling, quite frankly, is to honour and revitalise any existing relationship that's flagging or static. But if you're seriously going nowhere, then take a good hard look at whether there's anything worth salvaging and what your true feelings are.

In relationships, we all trot along very nicely, thank you, because even if it's tough, painful, boring or unhappy, it's still what we know to be reliable. Leaving a relationship for the unknown world of singledom or even another lover, can prove to be terrifying, because it is exactly that: unknown and therefore inconsistent with what you do know. Right now, the planets are truly putting the pressure on you to sort out your feelings, and sort out the wrongs in your love life.  It's your right isn't it?

There is a question you need to ask, but you don't know what it is.  Somehow you want to get to some place, perhaps to change your love- life, rekindle desire, share more, share less, have more freedom. Or is it to give up singledom, give up your independence and have five children and live by the sea?  This week, the question you are seeking suddenly flashes in your mind. Make sure that you recognise what it is you were looking for when you find it. The doorway to heaven will then be truly open.

Romantic ideals and utopian love swamp you with mixed thoughts. Do you commit, do you maintain your freedom? And with Jupiter shining a bright light on all your relationships all you can do is write a mantra on the bathroom mirror and smile. "The past is history, the future is a mystery, but this moment is a gift, and that's why it's called the present.' Meanwhile, the planetary line-up is making you ultra-assertive. So dream of yourself in or out of love, and you'll quickly get there.

However much you wish for better things, however much you wish to improve your love life, it just doesn't seem to be happening. You've given your orders to the cosmos; you make wish-lists, cast magic spells, but why isn't it working? Could it just be that you don't believe in yourself enough? Rather than depending on magical devices or systems right now, why not simply believe in the one system which you can trust? Yourself.

Thanks to the cosmic line up in your chart, you radiate charisma, and will, of course, attract those madcap, fun-loving types if single. Men who want to find that 'lost boy' bit of themselves through you. Men who can relax in your aura of serenity, or lose themselves in your enigma.  (f you're a bloke, please reverse this gender thing!) And if attached, well,  I'm afraid it will be all too easy to be led astray by seductive temptation this week. So enjoy the flirtations.

The catalyst of self-improvement and self-nurture comes from within, not from external means. And at long last, your true inner desires will produce the results you long for. Maybe it's more romance within a routine relationship, or to leave a painful or co-dependent one where attachment rather than love keeps you together? Perhaps neediness outweighs true love? Stick to the latter. True love is without conditions, hidden agendas or power play. Time to crusade for love and find it.

This is your chance for erotic relating, pure romance or a lone-wolf joining your pack, thanks to Jupiters radical link with Uranus. But never forget, why ask for the moon, when you already have the stars?  See that what you have, could be transformed into what you want without giving up on it. I could say, ' sex' is fantastic, intuition and mutual attraction, brilliant. But destiny is all yours to play with. So make your own choices, and then the magic will begin to work, as if, well, as if by magic.

This week you will find more to amuse you than to bore you. There will be vivid confrontations, challenges, new admirers if single, and a general feeling that you can start to paint a very clear picture of what you want from one relationship or another. And of course, there will be those who judge too hastily, or moan about this and that. But more than anything, you need colour in your life. Bright, vivacious and romantic. So make sure others know. Your true colours will then shine through too.

With a line-up of seductive links this week, there's really little you can do except be the self-motivated champion for love and life and express your deepest desires. If love is currently like a blank canvas waiting to be filled, you begin to make the right kind of brushstrokes, or rather moves, towards someone who could one-day be your real life masterpiece. Take it one step at a time. Painting by numbers may be a doddle, but learning to seduce and get, needs some practice. Start now.

Envy is a dangerous thing. Simply because it poisons us psychologically, both the one who feels it and the one on whom it is projected.  So who is feeling this envy? Not you, surely? Maybe your lover, partner or friend. They see your energy, hear your laughter.  They wonder if they can ever keep up with you.  And of course they'll pretend it doesn't matter and why should they be envious anyway? But you know the truth. Show them you have compassion in bucketfuls this week.

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