15 to 21 August 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

All Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 15 August 2016

The planets are prodding and poking you to express your feelings, to admit you fear isolation, and that you need to belong. Also, that you're a bit of a paradox: emotionally giving, but also witholding. Ask yourself these questions, and honestly answer them around Wednesday, and the planetary line-up will give you a valuable mirror to look objectively at yourself. Is your life fulfilling? Are your true desires being met? Are you manipulative because you're so insecure in yourself? Answer these questions honestly and be rewarded.

Oh, it's all so delicate - relationships, romance, wondering, waiting, isn't it? Guessing about how people feel too. Yet the breakable porcelain that love is, can be mended, healed or fixed. But only if you take action, communicate and say to yourself, lover or new admirer, that you will take the odd risk in love, and throw a little bit of caution to the wind. The timing is right this week. And that means the enchantment which is truly unbreakable and solid, can at last begin.

As in dreams, the different rooms of a house relate to different areas of your life, and it’s the heart of your house that’s about to get a good overhaul. Single or attached, polishing up your seductive technique, cool, classy and deliberate as it is, will prepare you for the romantic debate you desire.
Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or in the middle of a series of dates, make your needs clear to your partner or admirer. This is one of those weeks when turning points, sign-posts and new roads beckon. And love, elusive and unpredictable as it is, begins to make itself heard loud and clear down the pathway ahead of you.

You want the best in life and know that it doesn't come freely. But the down side of high expectations is that you inevitably get let down. Your partner can't live up to the image you've projected onto him.  He's not superman. Divine romance, glamour and flawless wooing are only found in fiction, and the dance towards that fairy-tale 'happy ever after' seems littered with obstacles and bad timing. This week, perhaps you begin to accept that a relationship is not a 'fait accompli', it is a never-ending dance of good times, bad times, and sometimes, indifferent ones.

This week, the sun reminds you that life is all about enjoying yourself. You feel liberated and rebellious, and you're at last being  honest with yourself, as the sexual spark begin to fly in the right direction. Your partner or new admirer also begins to realise that  you're not just a roaring, drama queen, but also a vulnerable soul, who needs warmth, attention and true respect for your extraordinary talents. You can make love work for you, but only if you work at it too. So stir the ingredients of love and make it real.

There will be moments of passion and moments of disillusion, hours of should-I-or-shouldn’t-I, and minutes of -what if-. But there will be a shift. Whether that shift is within you or your partner, ultimately it’s to your advantage. You both need to understand the other’s needs and decide whether a compromise can be found. If he wants black, you want white, and if you both want it all your own way there’s little chance of ever coming to a satisfactory middle-ground. But if the areas are pale shades of grey in need of a little attention and clarification, it will bring rewards beyond your wildest imagination – and you know how wild that can be, don't you?

Creative thoughts and sexy urges bubble into life as we cruise into a week of some kind of truce between Mars and Venus. Personally, you know you've got to do something to make a relationship move forward. But What? With Saturn's long-term influence in your sign for the next year or so, this is a fantastic starting point to define your love goals, check out your true values and start living by your own rules. For what are they, if not a very unique expression of who you are?

There will be people out there (potential admirers if single, a partner if attached), who will probably raise their hands in surprise rather than a glass of champagne to celebrate the new, sizzling, self-motivated you. But by the end of the week, you know what you want to change, and it's not that chic bag you spotted a while back - it's your lifestyle.  The communication channels open again, and you can now ask the very questions you've been avoiding. Make sure you ask, demand and be loved the way you truly want to be.

Sometimes you want out. Sometimes you wish admirers were as scarce as turnips in summer. This week, does your deeper need for personal space occlude togetherness? The price is high, but Mercury's changing influence this week, will give you the chance to probe the depths of your true intentions and follow them through.  If single, you'll either be the star of the show, or at least surrounded by the right kind of male company. All you need right now is the joy of being your own unique self. Make sure others know the real you, otherwise in the weeks to come, misunderstandings will abound.

I'm convinced you're about to do something out of character. And I know that everyday routine and the distortion of the August sales is actually getting to you. You may be a creature of habit, but it's time to rebel, gracefully. If you're willing to put up with the bickering and the same old sex routine, then question whether you're staying out of guilt or through real compassion. Because even an apparently noble attitude, like, 'I must sacrifice my true needs for duty to others' usually has a darker motive that generates it. So be a saint to yourself first and foremost by doing something different with love. Then you'll both be liberated.

There's a fragility about love right now, which I suppose, one could say, is giving you the chance to see yourself clearly. As if you know that however hard or painful the past has been, there's something special and precious coming out of it. And that's you, loving yourself, a little bit more, every day.  You're slowly tapping the tambourine of your own rhythm, seeing that to take a chance on yourself might actually make you feel more secure inside than less. With the sun lighting up your relationship and romance angle, at last you feel less on the defensive and more in the self-contained.

People seem brimming with confidence, lovers eager to take control, and you, perhaps still fooling yourself that you don't need to take a risk here and there. But you do. Step out of yourself, learn direct assertiveness, don't run and hide in your shell when angry, and accept that sometimes you make mistakes, like choosing the wrong wardrobe, or even the wrong man. This is a week when, due to Mercury's change of direction, your confidence, vitality and awareness of love values are turned upside down. But with fabulous results in the weeks to come.

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