18 to 24 July 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Love Horoscope

Free Weekly Horoscopes (18th July 2016)

It's funny how a lot of words that begin with the letters FL, seem appropriate to your behaviour this week. Like flirtatious, flighty, flamboyant and well, there's also fleshpot and flawless. But I think you get the drift. In fact if you're not flitting around from party to party or man to man, then you'll be flicking through the travel brochures on the hunt for exotic shores and new romance. I rest my case. With a wonderful line up of planetary activity, there's nothing to stop you flowing your way into the summer season without a fleck of doubt about where your love life is going, and why.

There could be more than one admirer dazzled by you this week. As love arrows fly, temptations are placed in your path. Consider your options carefully and and don't gamble a sure thing for a potential flash-in- the-pan. Update, rather than up-sticks. And if single, avoid someone who seems like a very attractive prospect, but will revert to type (yes, fickle I'm afraid) when the competition's over. A loving exchange of ideas and intentions helps you to realise that your soulmate is possibly the one by your side.

Watch out for a few self- doubts about your desirability rating. Jupiter brings with it a myriad of emotions, nostalgia and thoughts reeling through your heart. Perhaps you remember an ex who always reproached you for being contrary; or you remember how another wanted serious discussions about the state of the economy when you were more interested in your best friend's taste in men Why did
none of your lovers understand you? And so on.  But, regrets aside, you know you've made the right choices over the past few months and now it's time to declutter your heart and spring into romantic life again.

A partner or loved one pontificates about how grubby the light-swtches are. Or how unclean the bath is. Well, you know the game, whatever you do is not good enough, is it? Of course, perfect people just don't exist, but the atmosphere is awash with idealistic notions of domestic know-how and should and shouldn'ts. Could it be that actually, they're unable to live up to the high standards they've set themselves? Laugh instead of scorn, giggle instead of defend, and your party spirit will invoke the kind of romantic 'bonhommerie' again that you adore.

I'm going to stick my neck out more than I usually do, and say that if you repeat as a mantra the following three words every morning to yourself in the mirror this week, this will generate an extroardinary change of destiny for the better. The words are:  Passion, Persuasion and Power. With Mercury whizzing through your sign like a roller- coaster ride, it's time to get on board and demand your rights. And your passion for romance, your persuasive seduction technique and your veritable puissance, are going to lead you down the road of love's greatest adventure.

How to keep your freedom (precious as it is) and yet be part of a double-act?  Now, a lot of friends or family will probably make the point that the two are mutually exclusive. You know, if you want independence you can't have a partnership. But as you know it is possible, it just takes compromise and acceptance of each other's need for space.  Right now the planets are giving you added vitality, charisma and a boost to your ego. So take the odd romantic risk. If single, someone out there is waiting for a new, revitalised you.

You feel a sense of awakening, as if someone says a key word which triggers a whole change of attitude about yourself. Just don't make any hasty decisions concerning your most personal of feelings. Even if your partner or admirer is acting negatively about your future, they're probably just confused about what you want from this relationship. As Saturn lumbers across the cusp of Virgo and into your sign, at last you can sort out any differences of opinion between you.  And the sense of a deeper and long-lasting bond seems not too far away. Whether single or attached, someone will respect your self- sufficient qualities as much as you respect theirs.

There are some people who see no difference between reality and dreams. These are the people who shine in love, create wealth and happiness in their lives because they know that reality and the dream are one.  So, this week's theme of real worlds and dream worlds is a potent agent provocateur in your chart. And if single, these two world might well collide when you bump unexpectedly into a vitalising stranger. Attached? Remember, you see life as a paradox, you know there are mysteries, and that love can be fickle and often unreliable.  But hey, doesn't that make it enticing too?

You're battling with coolness, distance and assorted rules and regulations expressed by a lover or admirer.  The summer spirit will soon take you out of yourself, and socially you can do what you do best: mingle, observe and be the cosmopolitan and yet total life and soul of every event. But underneath that maverick exterior, and behind the chitchat and the intellectual panache, something still needs to come to life. That's you. Don't let yourself down, put yourself up for love and adventure.

Love, to you as a Capricorn, is defined in terms of what's both workable and what touches your deepest feelings.  There are no mysteries or conicidences, meaningful or otherwise. You can explain why you were there at the time and maybe even why your partner was there too. Yes, it was an accident, but there was a reason behind it, a cause and effect. But could there be an unknown factor you'd rather to leave out of the equation?  Well don't knock the mystery of life and love. Time to realise that love is a mystery too, demanding that you liberate yourself from the assumptions of what love 'should be.'

There is something special between you and someone. Marvellous, chemical perhaps, but also magical and strange. There is a place beyond and between the world of the tangible and the world of the unknown through which these energies permeate and bring light to our internal darkness. And with the extraordinary influence of Mercury, enjoy the electrifying experience of love's most magical ways. This could be a week when more than just seeing the light, you see how to shine it into the future and see your true goals.

Whether it's fascinating rogues, dippy party-queens or fey wallflowers, whoever you come across this week will delight in your joie de vivre. Even though the romantic stakes are higher than the work ones, you still have time to spread your wings and fly. Social events are spirited and magical. So wave your magic wand across the make-up bag, get kitted out in your favourite gear, and enjoy being in the limelight. Eros, the god of love and lust, lurks in the wings.

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