2 to 8 May 2016 Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscopes

Love Horoscopes for the week commencing 2nd May 2016

The planetary line-up in your chart this week, brings to mind the Nordic myth of the Norns. The Norns were the watchers and keepers of the Well of Wyrd, which was located under the roots of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil.   Every deed that was ever performed (whether good or bad)  would fall into this well.  Each day the Norns would collect water from the well which contained a random selection of deeds.  The Norns would then water the World Tree to nurture it. Similarly, you are feeding your future happiness with all the experiences, memories and thoughts you have had, whether good or bad, from the past. Look, we all do it - you think back every few minutes about this or that. How it might have been if you hadn't met so and so, how it would have been if you'd acted differently. We all do this with regrets, longings and missed opportunities.  In fact, we are the sum of that past right now in this moment. Enjoy watering your romantic future.

Uranus's wake up and shakeup influence in your chart is powerful. Time to get on and love for the moment. With Mercury's insightful influence, think future possibilities, rather than past recriminations. On the 5th, see what your partner or an admirer really has to offer you. We all imagine the other as we want them to be, but who is he? In his own right, what are his fears, worries and vulnerabilites? Are you brave enough to face them? Talk to him, and talk about yourself too. I want you to write down your greatest stregths together and your greatest weaknesses. Also what you think he is thinking of you, and what he thinks you're thinking about him.
On that day, you will discover things you did not know about each other. If single, write down what you want and what you need. Is there a difference? Believe in yourself and accept youself for who you are, and he will too. And then, if you're satisfied with yourself, you have pleased the harshest judge of all.

Let me be the first to congratulate you. Let me be the first to give you clues and directions towards discovering the dazzling new you. In fact if you're not firing off a few love arrows this week, then I bet you're on a quest to finally make a commitment with the one you love. But can you? It boils down of course to that old familiar foe, commitment versus freedom.  First, let's catch a glipmse of what's happening if you're single. The planets are reminding you that someone who respects your space and slightly restless approach to life is to be applauded and embraced with open (very open) arms. Then, lo and behold here comes a kindrid spirit. If he's an Aquarius, Gemini or Sagittarian, then you've met your soul-mate. Any other sign of the zodiac, forget it. (For now). And if attached, even if your partner is not listed above, don't panic.  This is a chance to redeem the romantic part of yourself. The bit that sometimes gets lost beneath the nitty gritty daily grind of reality. Taste your freedom on the wind of change.

This week I'm concerned about your ideals. Quite frankly, you want to be in love more than anything else in the world. When you're in love, there's a sense of 'I am consumed', I'm enlightened' I like who I am when I'm with you'. You're creative, alert, hot, you feel invicible. Does that ring a few bells?  But of course the crunch comes when the person moves out of your life, or they move right into it.  So, as Elizabeth Barrett Browning said, 'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.' Like the poet you love with your body, your soul, your past, your future. Your everything. And that's why you must be in love or at least experiencing passion or desire for someone or you simply become dull, tanrnished and bored with life. So Jupiter's ongoing influence says simply this. 'Go out and dance with someone new if single, go out and dance with your partner if attached, and you can recreate that romance again."

With this week's potent tension between the planets, the battle for love will either be played out in the steamiest bedtime scenario you can imagine (yes, go on!) or with tactless and provocative tempers flaring (you can be as insensitive as a wart-hog don't forget).  But the flames of passion die down mid-week, and at last you begin to communicate with your man with real mutual understanding and honesty. At last things are how you want them to be. But commitment? The price you might have to pay is high, but then again, you always did love buying into something that could be worth more than the rarest diamond.

If you want more than is on offer, or believe you can achieve the impossible, then please think again. Jupiter can inflate your dreams out of all proportion. Living a wild, carefree life and travelling Europe in a camper van sounds like fun, but don't forget you need to pay for the petrol and do you really want to spend your nights listening to everyone else on the camp-site? Alternatively, you might have a vision of big-time love.  But love is relative. Luckily, thanks to Saturn, reality checks will be on hand. You sensibly accept that fellow campers mean you don't have the freedom to run naked around the place at dawn. You might even think, what's the point, why is life so dull, why are there so many obstacles in my path?  In fact, maybe you're coming down to earth with a big enough bump to learn what it is you fear in life and what it is you can make out of it. Funnily enough we often eventually end up mastering the thing that we fear the most and discover it's the answer to long-term happiness.

Right now,  you're finding the strength to defeat that common foe 'self-deception'.  Now, you may not think you ever deceive yourself, but like most of us you're probably as afraid of the truth as you are of an irrational phobia. (And I'm sure you have those too). When we are in a relationship, and have become an item with as long a shelf-life as a tin of baked beans, we begin to create new fears. Generated by our horrifying niggle about how can we maintain that stunning image, or still look as beautiful or seductive or gorgeous as we did the day we met, or keep up the pretence about who we are when we're not really like that at all.  In fact we all deceive ourselves because we are scared that if people especially our partners new the truth about us they wouldn't love us any more. We 'become somebody else around everybody else'.  This week just be true to you.

Unthwartable, determined, rigorously devoted and sure of your direction? These are qualities which are frequently used to describe the powerful intensity of your Scorpio character. And yes, you do want what's rightfully yours, you need to take control of your life, and you must have power at all costs. You are a mighty force, and your will is non-negotiable. In fact, many lovers quake in their boots and rivals fear your probing, stop at nothing sense of purpose. But I think this week that gentler, more vulnerable side of your personality will be to the fore. The one others don't see. The frightened child, the self-abnegating, confused and insecure little one who is needy and wanting.  ('Oh no, as if I would be like that').  In the battleground of love, you sometimes need to be a little more lightweight to get to where you want to be. And in fact, being sweetness and lighter than a feather can get you into more places than walking around carrying a big stick. The child within is sometimes more important than the adult without.

There's something untidy or unruly about your love life right now. But the planets are blessing you with enough realism and enough logic to put the record straight, both in your partner's eyes and in your own. At last you can be honest about who you are. Drop the act, throw off the shield of invisibility and prove that you're human too. Now Saggys aren't exactly renowned for being pillars of society, or traditionalists who believe in marriage and doing things the 'correct way'. But sneakily, you'd like to be like that. You admire people who've been settled for years, yet the wanderer in you will always rebel and bring you back to the wild roads and the synchronisity of random encounters. This week ,one such unexpected meeting will pull at your heartstrings.

Now, you often worry yourself silly about what other people think of you. "Oh no, my partner's flies are undone, how can I tell him without the boss overhearing?"  Well, you get the gist.  But this wonderful planetary activity this week frees you, yes frees you up from all this self-doubt and frustration. Single or attached, you can throw off the metaphorical hair-shirt and start running naked through the fields of love.  And you will still be somebody, and you will still have somebody to love. The joy of being the realist of the zodiac is, that this is one promise you won't break, and I know you never break promises. At last, a commitment to the honest you, a commitment to the 'real' you.  Time to drop the carrier bag of guilt and 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts' and what will people think, and pick up the purse of self-love. Try it and see the magical results of that kind of awareness. Because when honesty replaces self-deceit, then the love you seek will come to you.

There was once an Aquarian woman who didn't like her feelings very much. In fact they seemed to get in the way of her concern for everyone else.  And with all her obsessive thinking about the rights and wrongs of humanity as a whole, she forget about herself. She neglected her emotions and then wondered why being so unselfish can make relationships so downright difficult.  Now if you resonate to this Aquarian tale, then time to start to nurture yourself. Time to embrace and experience each feeling, rather than push them away or repress them totally. With Venus in Gemini, there is a softer, more tender quality to your relationships this week. And it would be a shame to go all noble and controlling when you could be having a really spontaneous and fabulous time.

With powerful planetary activity in your sign, the radical in you comes alive. You want to say 'don't tie me down' on one level, but on another you'd sacrifice your independence to make someone happy. Caught in the dichotomy of 'what price freedom?" you're thrown back into that vicious circle and become the heroine of a typical martyr's story. How can you have an exclusive love relationship and have male friends? But the answer comes to you. And you realise that you don't have to give up your space and friends to gain love. Idealist though you are, unconditional love is what you must fight for. OK, there may be compromises to be made and and illusions destroyed, but that's the truth of who you are. And if single, as much as you guard your independence, as much as you secretly want the perfect romance and the genuine friendship of a soul-mate, you know that for any human being to live up to that ideal is a pretty tall order. Including yourself.

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