22 to 28 August 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Love Horoscopes (week beginning 22nd August)

This week, Venus and Mars are tempting you to run with the wolves. You want to escape to the outer reaches of your heart, the barren landscape of someone else's, or deep into the hell-fire of someone's soul. You want to play games with someone new or discover a fascinating paradox in your partner every day. But, hey, it's not happening like it does in the movies, is it? But with foresight, hindsight and a little intuition, in the weeks to come you can make your love life what you want it to be. I know you feel a little short-changed in the romantic department right now, so adapt accordingly, and when the timing is right, you can fire full steam ahead into action.

OK, right now there will be delays and miscommunication, a sense that you can 'NEVER' get through to him, or 'NEVER' get anything done. Now some years ago, there was a really nice idea being thrown around about how everything is negotiable. You know, you can get everything you want in life if you negotiate deals with people, or see that there's always a way to get round difficult
circumstances. We have to trade ideas, meeet half way, see a hidden route, find a way to barter or simply to please.  So for all Mercury's indecisive influence in your chart, you're actually more resolved (than you have been for a long time) to mediate, consult or simply by necessity make a noise about those pressing emotional issues.  And yes, you do have a few, don't you? Negotiate.

It's odd isn't it, how sometimes we can feel left out? You know, two's company, three's a crowd? A reminder of our school days perhaps, when we felt rejected by chums who'd giggle in corners and we'd fantasise them laughing at us. Similarly as adults, we get quite jealous of our partner's or admirer's friends and then feel left out. Now this is pretty rare for a bright and breezy, socialising Gemini, because jealousy doesn't quite 'go' with your character. Bu this week, due to Mercury's back-tracking influence, you might even surprise yourself at the depth of venom and toadiness you experience over one liaison. A haunting reminder that for all your glibness, you have a vulnerable child inside too.

First, I want you to think back to say, two years ago. How safe everything seemed, didn't it? For a while at any rate. Perhaps too safe - in fact a sense of extreme caution probably swamped you and you became suspicious of what you felt, and what HE said. It was all so contained, ordered and yet somewhat boring. There was no spark or frisson. It seemed an eternity of living the kind of relationship that held little joy, and rarer still, true love. Then this year, Jupiter, planet of expansion, joviality and promsicuity, woke you up to the endless possibilities of love.Tarnished hearts were polished and regilded. Because as you flow to the rhythms of the lunar cycles, you discover that other cycles and energies merge. These weave in and out of your life too like a gold threaded tapestry. Likewise, there are planets and cycles in your chart which lead you to discover new bits of yourself. After this week's full moon, joy and romance can be restored.

At last a chance now to experience love's mysteries. 'OK, like what? Don't I know everything about love? How it sometimes hurts, how it creates anger and fear and doubt and sorrow. Don't I know all there is to know about love?' Well, yes, up to a point. But right now, it is multi-faceted, and it has no rules. It is dangerous, beautiful, mesmeric and theatrical. It is all life and all soul, and all you within its moment of becoming.  And it is these values of love which will become clear to you. Maybe after all, in the very yearning for something other than what you have or who you are, or the desire to know what it is you lack, you will find yourself vitalised and awakened from that love blindness. And that means you can start to love fearlessly, bravely and passionately with the one you're with or with someone new.

Byron, bless his chauvinistic socks, wrote "man's love is of man's life a thing apart, 'tis woman's whole existence". Underlining the then assumed but now outdated principle that women sit around weeping, fainting and swooning about their lover, while men can put it out of mind at a blink of an eye. However, if you look at this quote from a different slant, you'll observe that love is the most precious thing we women have to give and receive. We're physically made to create offspring and nurture them. We're instinctively primed to seduce men out of themselves so that that their life is not so 'apart' and to get them to take some of the responibility for sowing their millions of seeds.  Right now, we're free women. We can live indepedent lives. Have careers, give up family planning entirely and opt for serial monogamy or even serial romance. (If only). So look, right now the issue is to decide which lifestyle is right for you. Chose wisely.

I reckon that you're in the middle of a great big crisis (crisis originally meant 'a turning point in a disease'). And the disease is simply the lack of ease which you've found yourself in a love relationship. Whether it's the expectations, the demands, or the assumptions, or the emotional commitment or lack of it. And you, quite frankly, being one of most self-obsessed sign of the zodiac, really need to concern yourself with being you. How can you pretend to be NOT interested in someone when you're naturally vivacious and upfront? How can you play silly games of 'now you see me now you don't' (leave those to emotional retards and relationship avoidants) when you'd just like to crack open the champagne in his bed?  But perhaps there are ways to give out love other than simply focus it all onto one human being?  For another human being, however much they love you, can never give you what you truly need unless you love yourself utterly. So how about a love of your vocation, a love of nature, a love of being in the limelight, a love of people, a love of your face, smile, soul? Then yes, you can rejoice in yourself and someone else will too.

This 'crazy little thing called love' is certainly getting to you. Uranus the planet of progress and rebellion,is still opposing Saturn the planet of convention and control. Frankly, you're going to have to learn to work these energies into your love life or one will dominate over the other. Saturn's energy says 'stay the way you are, don't adapt, don't change your love life or expect anything more than what you've got'. The Uranian energy says 'get moving, change your ways, get out of a bad relationship if you're in one; create something new out of the old and worn'.  But right now, you feel distinctly like sticking to what you know is reliable even if it hurts.  The rebels are 'out there'. The progressive energy is projected onto all and sundry. "Who me, radical, and ready for change?Hardly!"  If single, you spot men who you decide you can't trust because they're inconsistent, contrary in their actions and words. If attached, your partner or lover is apparently the one who's got wild ideas about giving it all up to emigrate to New Zealand or run a wind farm in Siberia. Find the rebel inside you, and be prepared for big changes ahead, but to your liking.

If we wish to change someone or something, we should first see whether it's not something that could be better changed within ourselves. And here I want to mention a woman's rule of thumb: "if it has tyres or testicles, you're just going to have trouble with it". With a rather fragile full moon this week, lovers and admirers will seem to be as changeable as the wind, as elusive as a butterfly, as downright deceptive as the government. But with a renewed sense of your own purpose, you feel more in control of your love life again. You can speak up without fear of being put down, you're no longer denying your need for change, but accepting it as part of the flow of life. And it seems at last, in the least blunt way I can think of putting it, instead of castrating love's progress, time to create your own love revolution.

There's something acutely difficult about being you. Many people don't realise of course because they see this logical, calm, unruffled, diplomatic woman who smiles sweetly and spends a lot of time pleasing others. How nice. But there is the shadow side of you too.  For all your truth and fairness, let's be blunt, It's called playing with others feelings and playing hard to get.  Now this is generated by your desire for an admirer or partner who must yearn for you (medieval courtly love comes to mind here) without any complications to blur the ideal of romance. Then when someone gets too close it's time to raise the emotional drawbridge, and sometimes the sexual one too. The necessity for convention, bridal gowns and altars aside, it's time to open up to the mysterious, unpredictable and radical. Transform your perception and you change your love life for the better.

Time to like yourself more, love yourself freely. And start to actually see that you do suffer from low self-esteem. Accept that you do need desperately to be cherished, but it has nothing to do with intense torrid eroticism (unless you have a gang of planets in Scorpio). Love for you, must be as light as a souffle, harmonious and above all companionable, as long as you maintain your independence. Say, 'yes I love people and I love romance and I'm not that fond of feeling things when I'd rather be talking about them'. Because if you can't be honest about your own needs then who will be for you? Thanks to Mars and Venus, at last you can begin to truly engage in a complete and honest mutual love-in, rather than merely depending on someone for that love.

We cannot buy love, although we may imagine we can. We cannot buy a spiritual rapport nor discover the doorway to another's soul unless we are willing to love that person for who they are and, crucially, they are also willing to let us in. In fact, relationships are a lot harder and more complex than we give them credit for. But why? Perhaps to teach us to learn to love ourselves first before we can ever seriously love another human being. After all, however much we say 'I love you'  the 'I' takes precedence. And there are a million, billion 'I's walking around on this planet. This week ,the full moon in your own sign will alert you to the egotistic tendencies of one and all. So don't fall into the blame game (you know, 'it's HIS fault, I'm unhappy, ''it's MY fault he's got moody.) It's all about being more aware of your reactions and defences.  You must trust in both  the 'I' and also in the 'you'. Then, and only then, can you fill in the missing word 'love,' and it will all become real.

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