25 to 31 July 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscopes

Love Horoscopes for the week commencing 25th July 2016


The world seems to be divided up into those who believe in magic and those who don't. You know, one school of thought believes love is a magical, mysterious energy, and the other school can prove it's down to the chemistry lab.  This week, as Jupiter starts to drift back out of your sign, you may feel its more a scientific fact than a beautiful fiction. But who can measure passion, who can break down feelings when they're yours and yours alone? So, my suggestion is, that with the inlfuence of radical Uranus in your sign, you will be pulled in two directions. The artist in you will yearn for excitement and daring, the scientist in you will want to stick to the rules (OK, principles and morals come to mind).


Imagine you're on a twisting, turning, never-ending road up a mountain. The pathway has mesmerising turns to the right, then the left, then right, hairpin bends and so on. And you wonder if you'll you ever get to the summit. Well, romantically it's a bit like that this week too. With Jupiter's change of direction, you will feel the hypnotic effect of longing for more and more of the same thing. When are you ever going to have enough love? But this week you reach the top of the love mountain. Don't look back, just sideways at the view and a brand new direction to the kind of stability that suits you best.


An odd week.  If single, he doesn't call - was it something you said, did, or didn't say or do? And if attached, the harmonious atmosphere you crave seems about as resonant as a wailing banshee.  But the difficult energy passes after the full moon of the 26th. You can indulge in a sensual, worldly sort of day, and don't feel guilty about your hedonistic streak. So stir the ingredients of love carefully.
You might have to make another compromise, but just this once, it's worth keeping everyone happy, and that includes yourself.


As you well, know, love is a force which works mysteriously and often contrary to our purpose. You know as well as I, that you can't contain it, nor lay it out on a work surface and chop it into nice little shapes with a pastry cutter.  In fact, with Jupiter's reversal,  it's time to declassify. It's time to drop all expectations and ideals about how you want your relationships to be. And that means also, don't judge yourself, nor judge your man (or men generally) for their inconsistencies, or failings or different belief systems.  After this week's full moon, it won't be difficult to take romantic advantage of someone if single, and if attached, reveal the truth about what you want for the future.


I don't know whether to congratulate you or not. But it does seem that you're realising you can't go on being a kind of carrier bag for someone's whims and wishes. And you know who I'm talking about, don't you?  Is that love? I mean, do they 'love' you because they rely on you being a handy container in which to dump their emotional baggage, or do they love you because you are you, separate, unique with your own perspective of the world? The full moon in your love angle means it's a time to shake off any tarnished dreams, grab the jewels of success, and remind yourself how special you are. Then someone else will realise too.


Time to come clean, dear Virgo. Yes, I have a sneaky feeling that you're too shy to admit you have great plans for the future.  "Why should anyone care what I want? What me? No really, I couldn't. Let's just get on with day-to-day stuff and forget grand visions for change." Do you get the picture?  Now shyness, which is a nice word for inhibition, is generated by one's sense of inferiority. "If I don't engage with others I won't get hurt. If I remain reserved and unassertive I won't upset anyone, nor myself."  Easy isn't it? But this week, at last you're seeing that you do need to assert your needs. It's time to make it clear what you want.


 The influence of Saturn is forcing you to come to terms with your feelings.  And it's admirable to have a competitive spirit and fire into action to prove that you are better than someone else, when it's to do with purpose and success. Well, within limits. But what I'm reading in your chart this week, is a sense that you're trying too hard to be fair and diplomatic and logical about love, while you're actually fuming inside. Of course, it's easy to make it all seem like nothing very important on the surface.  But feeling edgy, risque and challenged is uncomfortable underneath the corset.  Take the corset off and be liberated.


'Protean' means changeable, shape-shifting, chameleon-like. But the word derives from Proteus, the sea god, who was renowned for knowing all things, past, present and future. And I'm convinced, that this innate 'knowing all things' is a key to your potential. But accessing this kind of power is like trying to run for the bus when it hasn't even arrived. This month, Jupiter continues to dump difficult men, difficult family ,difficult anything on you. So I think you should ask yourself,  who's the coldest of them all, who's the most defensive of them all, who is the fairest of them all? There is a 'wicked queen' at work out there, and there are manipulative people who will stop at nothing to make you, the sleeping beauty, stay sleeping. Time to wake up and put your Protean powers to work.


Jupiter's change of direction becomes a creative time for reflection, retreat, withdrawal, negotiation and reappraisal of situations.  It gives us a chance to modify our campaign for passion, love or self-esteem.  But Jupiter is potent, impulsive and acts rather than thinks.  So it's hardly surprising that all this stuff about reflection and re-visioning, is the last thing you, or Jupiter wants to do. But it feels like you just aren't going anywhere, swept along in the wake of other people's hostility, assertiveness or desires. But how could you ever be a submissive, weedy, yes girl? No. This week, let your partner or someone new know that you're up for a world where you're ready for anything, as long as anything happens. Get ready for the fantastic changes ahead.


I think the Sagittarian quest is to find a meaning in your life. But in that quest, you often judge yourself and others harshly too.  So I want you to affirm to yourself every day this week, that you won't be a judge and jury, you won't get dogmatic and assume that your truth is the only one, but neither will you stop being a benevolent dictator. You won't say 'if only I'd known, I could have avoided this situation, if only you'd told me things would be different'.   Instead say, "I know now and will face this situation. I can change my beliefs and change the outcome." You're beginning to see which relationship road you truly want to travel down.


Neptune is 'upsetting' your sign as it hovers retrograde on the cusp of Pisces. Rather than think bad of the feelings you have, engage in them. Experience them instead of ignore them. Let them flow through you, observe your reactions, but don't be overwhelmed by them. And whether you feel angry with yourself because you're jealous, or frustrated because you feel inadequate, the more creative you are with your own feelings, the more you'll discover how to give out real love. Ironic isn't it, that Neptune, the most emotional of all the planetary energies was discovered through a mathematical law? And you, one of the most logical and empirical signs, is discovering that feeling something doesn't always hurt. Let it manifest and you can live your dream.


A few months back, I was quite adamant that you feared getting closer to someone. Perhaps because the side of yourself which is elusive actually never wants to be possessed or trapped? You see, you're a dual sign, so there are conflicting interests. There's a side of you which wants desperately to merge. Another which doesn't. The sexual transcendence of being at one with someone means you can escape reality for a while. But whether in merger or retreat, you're still actually attempting to escape yourself. And it's hardly surprising with the strange antics of Jupiter and Uranus, that you merge, separate, you wax and wane, undecided if this is the right partner for you or not. This week, you begin to see the answer.


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