4 to 10 July 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

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Now for most people, learning new habits of the mind is very difficult.  We find it scary to train our mind to look at things from another perspective, but with Jupiter's influence, you'll begin to see light at the end of the tunnel at last. Whether single or attached, it's time to pick up a mirror and talk to yourself. OK, does that sound weird? What is it you fear you'll hear yourself say? Is it that deep down inside, of course stability, beauty and material success are fundamental to your well-being, but so is passion. And passion comes in many guises. Look out for it this week.


Seize the moment this week, don't give up on yourself or someone else because you can't see eye to eye. Then passion will come winging it's way to you around Wednesday to remind you that you can be a wicked flirt and have your way. And why not? You have a right to be as human and as lusting as any other sign of the zodiac.  Dump the self-doubt, release that sensual persona locked inside and by the end of the week, what seemed negative criticism and barriers left, right and centre, flips to a rekindled romantic dream. Surely that is the true food for nurturing your soul?


Being unselfish is certainly admirable in small doses. But don't permanently feel under obligation to be there for everyone else. What's happened to your own individuality? Why give up on yourself because others are wielding manipulative tactics to feel almighty? With any persecutor, there's always a scapegoat on the other end, so don't give in to whinging friends, possessive partners, and self-
pitying family or you'll be the fall-guy.  An objective observation on their antics fine, but don't lose yourself in a cloud of noble fumes.


We all often unconsciously project the dark side of ourselves on the world around us, and particularly on our partners.  That's when we try and change them. We claim that their values are the wrong ones. We tell them to stop being so footloose and fancy free. We prevent them from talking about their past because it disturbs our present. In fact we're trying to mould them into our ideal image, and believe that changing them will make everything just perfect.  This week, Venus reminds you that changing your outlook on life will change the world of love for the better.


Take care you don't hurt someone, if you're up for a spot of double-dating. Maybe you're being pulled in two directions by a choice of lovers, or by your own indecisiveness. Your eye for a likely candidate is on a high mid-week, so don't be surprised if desperados and rogues are firing love arrows in your direction. Even if you're attached, there will be the odd temptation. Particularly when larger than life characters just seem to pop out of the woodwork. Be yourself and please yourself, but don't give up something or someone for a moment's infatuation.


This is one week when all the planetary eggs seem to be in one basket, or half of it, that is.  And the basket is studded with romantic jewels, filled with sensual goodies and  carried by someone in search of true, everlasting love. My only advice is don't wander off like Little Red Riding Hood and meet up with a lone wolf of the predatory kind - they might be up for stealing all those eggs of yours. But the sensual happiness you seek is not long away.


At last you're coming back down to earth with a gentle bump. Are you actually seeing love for what it is? Simply a very human relationship, where you both have to learn to compromise. Friends may tell you it's time to break up - 'come one, it's been off and on for months, just bite the bullet' they wail, generated by their underlying motivations than for your well-being. Family may think you're wasting your time, and this relationship is going nowhere. But whatever the attitude of those who think they know what's best for you, only you do. Time to make a decision for yourself.


We create barriers because we have vulnerabilities. And we're either repressing them, which leads to horrendously difficult relationships, denying them, even worse, or compensating for them. But the latter can lead to self-awareness and very honest love if you admit to that. And I believe that your greatest vulnerability, a feeling of inadequacy, will push you on this week to prove you're a winner. To take charge of your love life, not let it charge you with accusations. To feel the self-centre of who you are, and discover that fire and passion and romance are the pivotal core of your existence.


There is love and there is romance. Having both in one package is of course everyone's dream. But one friend keeps reminding you that love isn't just about romantic adventure, it's about settling down to an ordinary life. Ordinary? How could you ever be ordinary? No Sagittarius I've ever met wants a simple, ordinary life and certainly not a routine love life. Because if you're not living your life to the full; passionate about a man, or on a personal quest, then you're not living out your true potential, which is your right. Make sure you honour that.


With a powerful line-up of planets in your opposite sign, a battle of wills brings out the feisty qualities in you, and any competition had best watch out. You're willing to make a stand for the things which matter most, be it your image, or your partner. You'll probably get all het up about new romance too, if single.  And with Mars giving you the energy to leap in at the deep end, you could be swept off your feet by a very unlikely and unpredictable admirer. Your extraordinary bouyancy gets you the attention you crave, and admirers or partners are dazzled by your energy and charisma. But take heed of your temper, and your self-will.


I know that you imagine a perfect relationship, the right romance and forever after peace and harmony, but like any idealist you get let down, because people can't live up to your expectations, let alone yourself. So this week, be a tad selfish.  Express any anger, shout and rage and tantrum a little about your desires and wants and sexual appetite, and when the flames have died down, you'll soon be leaping and bounding in passion. It's time to make love and romance not an ordinary experience, but an extraordinary one.


Lovers, partners or admirers could seem as if they have the only freehold on choice. And that familiar accusation, 'you're so erratic,' gets thrown across the dinner table and ocassionally across the pillow. And let's accept that you can't for the life of you work out why you're being accused of various things like carelessness and elusive behaviour, when you're simply trying to know where you stand.  So this week, take a raincheck on emotional hostility. Smile at your partner or admirer, get on with your work and remember that flattery can get you everywhere.

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