5 to 11 September 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

All Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 5 September 2016

With such avant-garde energy in your chart right now, it seems appropriate to live a little more daringly. Be passionate about love and life, don't fear your restless, demanding, dramatic side, but instead do something with it. The problem with being an Aries, is that you love to be loved, but you don't want to be possessed. You want to be adored and for people to fall at your feet or treat you like a star. Yet this week, you're experiencing a new sense of yourself. You're realising that the theatre of life is in you. You can be the freedom-loving nomad, the eternal romantic, the escape artist, or the dreamer, and by taking on all or any of those roles you'll find the kind of love you're looking for.

What is it that the men in your life love about you? Your cooking? Your fine looks? Your ability to do three things at once?  Well, they’re all much appreciated, but what they truly love is your enthusiasm and your ability to be thrilled rather than terrified when they come up with the latest scheme for mutual excitement. So why is it that your partner or lover isn’t enthusing about your schemes and
getting excited about your suggestions to embark on a new adventure together? Some people just aren’t as ferociously determined as you are and maybe the man in your life doesn’t have the chasms of faith in tomorrow which motivate you.  But soon he will. Be patient.

It's almost as if you've turned into a Sagittarius overnight. However, I am happy to reveal to you that this isn't humanly possible. Now Gemini and Sagittarius do face each other across the horoscope. They're like two opposing ends of a see-saw. I mean, you can't have a see-saw with only one end can you? Even if someone sits on the 'see' and puts it out of balance there's still the 'saw' to consider.  So what I'm saying is that the Sagittarian spirit of your chart is coming alive. And yet with the rationalising influence of Mercury, you begin to 'see' what you 'saw' in the one you're with or someone new if single. Time to ring some beautiful changes and be both wild and free as the Sagittarian part of your chart wants you to be.

You're begin to understand that it is love itself which lingers on when the 'being in love' has burnt away. From that moment of synchronicity when we first meet someone, through the flames and fires of initial passion, love is an art born from the moment. And it is still there, only changed like wood to ashes.  This week, Mars throws open the doors of love and throws down the gauntlet; a challenge to yourself and also to give you a chance to work magic back into your life and perhaps to realise that self-knowledge is actually more important to you than four walls and the same old routine in suburbia.  If you want to make sense out of your relationships rather than feel senseless or alienated, now is the time to raid the love-feast with honesty and self-awareness.

This week there's a lot to contemplate. Are you charting new romantic courses? Are you meeting Mr Soul-Mate if single, passionately in love if attached?  Mercury's retrograde movement is, I'm afraid, still causing complications and confusions where such matters are concerned. Perhaps your man doesn't understand you, or your libidos are on totally different wavelengths. (Just because we fancy someone else and it gets all horny doesn't mean we actually have the same sexual make-up). Alternatively, if single, you believe that no-one will ever love you because you're not worth anything, and ironically, because you're project low self-esteem men pick up on it and make a quick exit.  Yet with Venus's influence your luck's about to change for the better.

We often define ourselves through the way we describe our friends. You know, for example, 'she's so pretty, I wish I was like that'. (The implication to yourself is that you're not, so you must be dull and ordinary.)  Yet this month I think you're beginning to define yourself through a growing awareness of who you are. Instead of self-sabotage, you're self-healing. Instead of dumping your messy stuff on your pals you're accepting it's you that has to take responsibility for it. Instead of wishing and feeling inadequate, you begin to see that you have a strong, desirable and endearing outline yourself. You're visible. And that means you can start to be exactly who you are without anyone telling you otherwise.

How extraordinarily vibrant your chart is as Venus and Mars wing their way through your sign. But we mustn't forget about Mercury retrograde.  I imagine you like to take a fairly dominant role in your love relationships. You know, take control in the nicest possible way and make the decisions about this and that. And if attached, you may throw up your hands in horror and feel like a caged bird. But don't you see? That's a sign you need more freedom, but also to accept that relationships do have limits and people do have expectations. Yes, you do need a stage to perform on, but maybe it's time to find a place where you can shine brightly alone without eclipsing your lover or admirers. But think,  isn't it better to be part of a tiny constellation of two, than a bright but lonely star of just one?

"Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is sufficient unto love'". I have always liked this line by Kahlil Gibrain. In fact I like it so much I want you to use it as a mantra for yourself this week. Learn it, feel it, believe it, take it within you and let it flow through you. This week, you can start to lighten up a little and to know what is useful and workable, isn't always what living is all about. Isn't there passion and risk, adventure and mystery? I want you to play make-believe. If attached, imagine your partner is the ultimate, perfect love god. Then look at him and tell him that you adore his brain, his body, his madness, his feet, his snore, whatever. And laugh and plot your future together. If single, look at all men with affection, rather than with suspicion.  It's not just looking for a man, it's loooking for something inside another human being that takes you out of yourself.

This week, your partner or lover's personal hang-ups about work take precedence and you feel rejected or squished into 'sub-category love minus zero.'  But however much you feel snubbed, betrayed or tested, don't even contemplate that a spot of intellectual retaliation or a tit for tat will do the business. It could all backfire on you at a later date. But by the weekend, your man or admirer begins to notice you. He sees you as the fairest of them all. And instead of finding fault, or seeing traces of betrayal in his every move, you start to trust your instincts and your heart rather than your imagination. This is a week when you begin to realise that if you don't risk anything where love is concerned, you risk even more. Think about it.

Now, is it brains or brawn that turns you on? Does the sight of a man digging the garden, or building a tree house make you reach for the latest country property pages, or is it the cool people-watcher who gets your libido rising as he sits serenely outside that chic cafe and no doubt knows the difference between claret and burgundy and why zebras have stripes? And I say all this because you do have a choice. If single, there will be both types up for grabs to give you every opportunity to head for the hills or the history section of the library.  If attached, the choice is slightly different. You're thinking, do I really love him for his cooking and sexual skills, or for his mind? This week, you will know exactly what does turn you on, and so will he.

Make use of the potent energy in your chart right now to get your way in the love stakes. Quite frankly, I'd be surprised if you weren't already getting hot under the collar or lipstick on his.  Does he think you're too independent? How can you travel the world and still have a long-term relationship? Should you go, should you stay? And if your man isn't the bucanneering or musketerring type, then you're simply going to want to liven up the action or get out. The Uranian influence in your chart, has on some level, been forcing you to come to terms with this part of yourself. To wake up to who you are.  But what you need more than anything is a friend to share your visions and accept you're a free agent. Tell you man all this if attached. In fact I suggest you push this under his nose and let him read it. You need to live life to the full, not be a caged bird.

This week's planetary activity, reminds you that many of us are in search of other's approval to feel loved. But the truth is you have to love yourself first, treasure your individuality, nurture your autonomy, and free yourself from the chains of other people's expectations. With a stunning line-up in your chart, you can open a new dialogue with the one you love, or if single, be hunted by true admirers. And with the sun's influence, you can also start to negotiate and make the necessary moves towards living the kind of love-life you want.  So wrap someone in your arms and be loved for being you.

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