8 to14 August 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

All Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 8 August 2016 

This week, look at changing things.  Communicate your true needs rather than assume your partner know what turns you on. Perhaps it's about time your man spoke up about his personal desires too? That way, together, you can form an unbreakable bond, climb the stairway to mutual happiness, and forget the mind games. Whoever we are, whatever we think ourselves to be, there's always a bit of us we don't really know. We project this on to others, then accuse them of all kinds of faults in an attempt to shake off our own personal shadow. Yet the cosmic energy is giving you a very clear mirror of yourself. Polish it well. Then fashion your love life and yourself into who you truly are.

There's something very odd about the cosmic line up in your chart right now. In some ways it's a bit like being an artist's model without an artist to paint you. What's the point of you being there, if no-one wants to capture the love in your eyes? And as much as people keep raving about how everything is changing for the better, you aren't convinced. Now this could either be due to your innate suspicious nature - your caution about anything that sounds remotely opportunist -  and your preferred view of the world which is that being a pessimist means you can't get let down.  And quite frankly, you don't like the 'laugh a minute', careless approach to life either. And I can see you right now squirming at the thought you might engage in a risk-taking, madcap romance. But do so, and liberate yourself for once.

Any discomfort you're feeling, stems from an anticipatory fear of things to come. Maybe there is excitement coming your wa?. Maybe there is time for romance and creative loving? Maybe there is magic and wildness and new emotional landscapes to explore? And it's not so much anxiety but desire that is spinning you into a tornado of frenzy and froth.  This week, the planets reveal it's time to take
a deep breath. To re-ignite self-belief and good intention. And then act accordingly. If single, do you want to guard your independence but take on a lover, or are you looking for a traditional commitment with Mr Right? And  when is this 'Mr Alway Forever' going to enter your life, anyway? Look around you, there is someone out there.

There's a line in a Robbie Williams song which goes something like, 'as soon as I fall in love, I'm already leaving'. A familiar sentiment to all freedom lovers as well you know. Because as soon as you feel yourself getting involved there's this tremendous desire to totally possess the other, or get out of there as quickly as possible. And this week, you'll probably notice this reactionary behaviour more acutely than you have for a long time.  "Eeek, a trap; commitment, who wants that? Eternal damnation being stuck with the same person for the rest of my life!" Yet at the same time the desire to be in that perfect place of an idealistic, everywhere land lures you ever on too. Making a choice could be hard, but dithering may mean you miss out on passion.

This week, you feel like blurting out the kind of honest yet unintentonial hurtful truths about what you want and don't want. And yes 'I love you today, but I might not tomorrow'.  "In the name of love I will love you, but I can't guarantee it's forever".  Quite frankly, this week isn't  going to be easy.  But with the new moon lighting up your spirit, smile and life, opt for the romance of love rather than its wrangling. For what is the game-playing of two people in love other than two hearts furiously trying to be heard beneath the clamour of defensive behaviour? So come on, who are you really in all this? Where is the inner child? Now is the time to let her come out and play the kind of game which creates romantic togetherness, rather than battered egos.

It all seems frustrating. In fact, there's some aching, haunting feeling from the past which doesn't seem to go away. Like a mosquito that hangs around all day in a dark corner of the bedroom, then, as soon as you turn out the light, begins it's whining, attack for blood. Dark thoughts or bad memories don't leave freely either. So we must attend to them, bring light to them, and then they will depart just like the mosquito. So what I want you to do first, is verbally express those thoughts or feelings that hurt or niggle. Either to yourself in a mirror, or to a close friend who won't judge or disapprove. Next, I want you to accept that the mysterious nature of love is part of you too. As the ancient astrologer and philospher, Origen, said, 'You yourself are even another little world and have within you the sun and the moon and also the stars.' Be the universe and let yourself shine.

Now the other night, I was gazing up at the waning crescent moon and thinking what it must be like to see the solar system from another galaxy.  Out there beyond Pluto, from some distant spaceship, it would all look completely how we had never imagined it to be. And the relevence to your chart, is that you're looking at life and the universe from a different perspective too. In fact, your current love life is suddenly becoming quite vivid and spectacular. Right now, you're one of those people who is ready to move on.  And you can have what you want if you are prepared to change your outlook on love and what it means to you.  At the root of successful relationships is first having a good relationship with you. Saturn will, over the next couple of years, be the catalyst for this major turning point in your life.

You're in a mood, hyper-sensitive and hyper-critical. You spot flaws, make mountains out of midget holes, leave a mess everywhere, complain about the contents of the fridge, despair that your partner got his hair cut. Now he looks so ugly. Why did you ever fancy him? You don't want this and you do want that. And rather like 'the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead', when you're bad, you're downright horrid.  But then individualists and larger-than-life people usually are.  And if single, every possible Mr Right becomes a Mr wrong. You don't like his nose, or his aftershave. You'd rather be dead than be in his bed. And all this stamping and cursing life and people and love is simply because you hate to be imperfect and human. You long for a perfect world where all is ideal and good and you're at the centre of someone else's existence. But, the hard truth is this week,  other people have themselves to think about. Let them, and then the light will return to shine on you.

This week, you can begin to feel less like a contestant in love's arena and more like a participant.  Sure, you like the odd battle, it flames your passion and that's fine. So be dramatic, spectacular and the challenging, dynamic fire woman you are, but learn to respect that your man or admirer has got his own ego to boost too. Participate in his achievements or goals.  As someone once said, "at the feast of ego, everyone leaves hungry". So, be true to your own character, but this week remember that men, lovers, new admirers and the world out there, are part of you. This is the joy of a 'participation mystique',  the ancient connection to the soul of the world and your own soul too.

I recommend many sun-signs to seek and give unconditional love, to be selfless and respect other's freedom. But you are a Capricorn. And I do believe that you can't have a real sense of security in love without the odd proviso.  You're an earth sign, you need to know where you stand, and you need to know that if you are all these things to your man, then he will be all the things you long for in a partner too.  So terms and requirements, rules of engagement if you like, must be part of Capricorn relating and that's that.  Like what? Well for example, that he doesn't stray. That he loves only you, and that when he promises something he means it. Forever. Now I guess you're thinking, can I really demand all this? Aren't I supposed to be ego-less, place no restrictions, give freely, take nothing?  Doesn't it make me seem vain, self-indulgent and controlling? Possibly. But for once in your life you're going to be a little selfish and make it clear you have needs. Why not start today?

Don't stop to question yourself. Do not hesitate to seize a love opportunity. Do not wait for those who cannot help you. Do not give up on your quest nor sacrifice your needs.  In fact, get out there and prove that when you're in that fanatical, goal-oriented driven place, not even a team of rugby players could stop you. (And if you don't mind me saying so, you're wised-up and also looking like you mean business). This is your chance to leap ahead and do all those crazy things you never believed possible. In fact, many moons ago, you would have been horrified at the thought of doing something which you can now take in your stride.  Forget your fears, cast off self-doubt and remember that thing about the law of attraction? It's coming your way.

Even though you feel frustrated and uneasy about the next step of your love journey, you're still optimistic about life giving you something truly special.  And it's not 'fate' I'm talking about here because I don't believe in 'fate' exclusively. There has to be a bit of freewill and character thrown in too. Destiny however is what you make of your life, it's the melting pot of your choices, who you are, a stroll through life with your 'daimon' and the encounters you meet on your way.  'Daimon' was originally an ancient Greek word meaning a kind of 'guiding spirit' that accompanies you in life, and the blueprint of the birthchart reflects that daimon. And Pisces, ruled by Neptune, means you will always be led down paths you had perhaps not wanted to chose, but somehow were led without knowing how. This week, be led, but don't become a stray. Time to make a conscious choice, where fate and free will merge to make love real for you.

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