All Signs Weekly Horoscope 29 August 2016

Weekly Horoscope


Could it be that life is a little predictable and you’re a tad bored? And yes, a secret affair may seem attractive. Fresh jokes, new habits, romantic tete a tetes, are enticing, but a large part of you is probably attracted to the novelty of the new. So please think carefully before replacing the devil you know for a newer model. Instead of getting yourself caught up in something you can’t extricate yourself from, find the mental stimulation you desire by rounding up large groups of friends and colleagues with similar interests. If single, out there among those like-minded people, lurks more than one person with the same enthusiasm for a greater cause. Let your soul-mate, potential mate or current lover enjoy a little battle of wills, and the mental arrows flying between you will be tipped not only with love's gold, but the kiss of Eros.


We all have pals who like to think they know best. They use words like, 'should' and 'ought' and 'if I were you'. But they're not you, however much they like to imagine it. Yet, totally out of character, you're being slightly led astray by all their opinions. Could it be you've lost touch with your instincts? Are you trying too hard to rationalise everything in life down to how the universe began?  Relax.
This is a chill out, socialising kind of week, and you're free to have your own thoughts and intentions. Don't be diverted from your purpose. If you were sure enough to start something (whether a love affair or a new job, or just the housework) then be sure enough to get on with it. Then those who think they know best will remember next time to think twice before opening their mouths.


I was initially in two minds this month about what to say to you. How Gemini.  But then as I looked closer at your chart, I realised something very special is taking place. So as both 'mind pictures' are more connected than they appear on the surface, I'm going to reveal aspects of both.  In one case there's the extraordinary ability you have for making others feel good about themselves. And that's very genuine and welcome in a worldful of egotists all claiming their 'right' to be happy.  Then the other landscape, map or heavenly sketch reveals the fact that you're deeply uncertain about yourself. You have many doubts and insecurities. You're stricken with feelings of inferiority or inadequacy. Dare I even suggest, that you feel you deserve only what you get, and as that's not very much right now, it confirms you're opinion that you're worth very little? Times are changing, and you are about to find the kind of love, self-esteem and happiness, simply because you deserve it.


The friends or lovers in our lives are usually a reflection of what we like about ourselves and of course, our enemies or rivals the things we don't like.  " She's too clever, I'll never be like that." "I can't stand the way she smiles at every man she meets as if she wants to eat them."  You get the drift. Whereas our friends and lovers, bless them, we admire and nurture. We like their humour, 'he's so funny,'  or their lifestyle 'he's always travelling, but I adore him'. Similary, we import these people into our lives as lovers or friends because we believe these qualities to be lacking in ourselves. However, this week, if you look carefully, you will see the comedian, the romantic, the seductress and the intellectual are all one and the same. You.


This week, you want to look back. You want to turn the tides, stop the clock, revisit the past. You want to make sure that what you had or felt or knew is still true. You want to relive THAT moment again, perhaps that one of falling in love. To recreate it, to make sure it's real and not just a fantasy. If you could have just one glimmer of how things were, or just one word from someone, you'd be content forever.  (I am sure you know who or what I am referring to).  And if you won't let a sleeping dog lie, then you must nurture it, take it for a walk, stroke and care for it. Literally, you must nurture your own needs and desires and start to take responsibility for the choices you have made, whether good or bad.  Let go of the past, don't look back, and then you can start to walk free from regrets.


When you peer into the windows of the soul - in other words, into someone else's eyes - you'll see something that you long to encounter, or merge with, and the magic can begin. With the planets giving you the voice and confidence to speak your mind, and to ask for what you truly need and want, both physically and emotionally, you're irresistible. Now is the chance to think positively about your own aunthenticity, take love seriously and pull out the stops to achieve your heart's desire. Enlightenment in its pure essence, is the art of seeing into the nature of one's own being.  You are about to see through the window to your own soul too.


Oh, that Saturn influence is uncomfortable isn't it? Saturn in a way, castrates all originality, vision and universal ideals of love as it continues to oppose Uranus. Just as Kronos castrated Ouranus for fear of being overthrown by one of the million offspring that the sky-god was going to seed.  So, anyone who falls in love with you, anyone who wants to love you or already does, is going to get a whiff of detachment around you this week. You see, deep down you fear rejection and abandonment and unconsciously give off these signals. Luckily, with a rational approach to your moods and needs, with a whimsical approach to love and life, you begin to see that the universe is on your side if you show it what you really want, but more importantly, who you really are.


This week's cosmic line-up brings fabulous strangers into your world if single, and if attached, you begin to trust a little more in what you have. Jupiter too, in the most adventurous part of your chart, reminds you to take a little risk in love. Whether it's to make it clear that you fancy someone, or just to clear the air with the one you love, it's time to do the very things that Scorpios aren't that keen on doing:  letting go and letting rip. It's time to relinquish that terrible fear of spontaneity. To welcome and embrace the unpredictable, and to see that very soon someone new if single, or the one you're with, won't just vanish into thin air. Know that they are there for you, trust in their integrity. Then you can start to move on fearlessly and passionately towards a real commitment.


A friend of mine, a 'Saggy' like you, is right in the middle of making a really difficult decision. She's got a man problem (who hasn't), and she wants to get away for a while to get some 'space', but she's not sure if she'll lose him in the process.  She asked me if there was  'something up there' as she put it, that was making it so ridiculously hard to do something which a few months ago she wouldn't have blinked an eyelid about doing. This week, for you too, the energy is anticipatory, there's a kind of 'in suspended animation' feel about everything you want to do, liminal, oscillating. Time to get some space and get an objective viewpoint on your problem. It will then become an opportunity for superb loving.


This edgy, undermining energy of Pluto plundering your sign is threatening because it's making men seem distinctly hostile, moody and frankly, macho. The saving grace this week comes from Venus and Mars in Libra, and a renewed sense of being true yourself (uncluttered from doubts and fears), autonomous and worthy of love, breaks through again. Because in a way you know if you aren't true to yourself, then how can you be true to anyone else? So, my friend, make it clear who you are and what you want, and do so with all your heart. And live the life that you are. Perhaps also reflect first on Congreve's famous quote, 'Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned". Time to invite heaven and love back to your life.


 The main problem right now, is knowing yourself to be right about something - maybe a longheld belief or principle - but betraying that knowledge. I suppose it could be called living a lie. So why are you letting someone manipulate you or get away with thinking they're right? What price the noble soul? It's all very generous of you, but martyrs usually come to a sticky end on behalf of everyone else. I'm not saying a partner or lover is emphatically wrong and you're right. I'm not saying 'rebel', but I am saying stand up and fight for your cause. Please look at the facts carefully. Please look at what you're giving up to keep the peace. Are you, in some unconscious way, denying yourself a right to your own autonomy? Time to stand up for you.


Uranus is a planet faraway and invisible to the naked eye. Named after Ouranus, the Greek god of cosmic, infinte proportions and of all the heavens the planet has similar energy in our chart. But right now it's influence is diluted in your own sign of watery Pisces. Likewise, you're swimming through uncharted territory where love is concerned. And suddenly what was was so important to you - perhaps the voice of freedom and unconditional love - shrieks and bangs it's fist against the door for attention. So now is your chance to rectify the situation. With hand on heart and a sudden flurry of romantic indulgence, you realise that your independence is sacred. Now you know the way forward for real, mutual understanding if attached, and if single, the chance to can honour your true needs.

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