All Signs Weekly Love Horoscope 27 June 2016

Love Horoscopes for the week commencing 27th June 2016

How can we create a sense of oneness with life? How do we engage in it, so that all those fears, complaints, worries and woes dissolve? Sometimes of course it just 'happens'. We arrive at this place by chance or fall in love and all that went before is swept aside for the numbing, yet releasing feeling of desire.  John Donne wrote, "Change is the nursery of musicke, joy, life, and eternity". And I believe this week, that's the kind of playground you want to be in.  A changing, romantic, at-oneness, where there's no-one to blame you for their life, unhappiness or otherwise.

There's really nothing like strking while the proverbial iron is not only hot, but steaming. And I'm talking about committing yourself to a quest. A new one. A current, problematic one, (perhaps turning it round to try to make it work) or one that will bring you that real engagement with love and life like you've never felt it before. Yet with potent Jupiter in the most emotionally driven part of your chart, it's hardly surprising that the messy depths of sexual desire, the abyss of emotional honesty and the manipulative actions of power-trippers are bugging you.  And that little thing called love at last gilds you with a golden hue, and you're back on form. Raring to adventure forth, to navigate those chilly waters of feeling for the warmer ones of piratical capers. Don't rock the love boat. Jump on it, take the helm and honour your quest.

 Why can't the world be bright and luminious and at one with itself? What does it matter if X is too intense and Y too charming? And the last thing you want is to have your own personality clattering around like a load of mah jong bricks on a games table. Y
ou're feeling rebellious and thats that. You want to escape, to where you're not sure. But it does all feel as if that wondrous place of change,'has well and truly deserted you.  But planetary cycles move mysteriously. They interweave with other cycles, eternally refelcting highs and lows in the cosmos. And this week, suddenly things are looking up again. People, partners, men generally seem less judgemental and more loving. The change you seek is on it's way, and the freedom you need is accepted, rather than despised.

Well it's just one of those weeks. People aren't on your wavelength. You know, you choose the shortest queue in the supermarket and someone in front leaps off to find the grapefruit they've forgotten and they don't come back. So all hell breaks loose at the check-out. And then there's partners or loved ones. Hostility rules, defensiveness seeps into every conversation: ' What do you mean?' "I don't think you know what I'm talking about'. You get the drift. And frankly, people generally seeem downright selfish.  Last month you might remember I said something about sensual frissons and the animated new you returning? Well, funnily enough through all the melodrama, it will.

You wonder if you're really cut out to be the seductress or  lover of life and everyone in it. What about problems, and worries and things that go bump in the night? And didn't he say ' I can take it or leave it' about something you felt was important to you the other day? So what does that say about you? Are you important? And what will people think of you? So let's say those insecurites and self-doubts returned to haunt you and you don't like it. Luckily, however, this week you restore a realistic perspective and see that maybe, just after all, this fear of loving is generated from within you rather than without. Yes, intimacy is a messy and often an erratic experience, but it's going to get better.

 I want you to promise me this week, no shoulds and shouldn't and oughts and I mustn't step over the line. Nor must you judge yourself or him, if attached.  Instead think of the present, not as a negative place to control and beat into some kind of conformist shape, but an adventure. Love adventure, let adventure love you too, and you will continue all summer with a smile on your face. Embrace the unexpected rather than retreat from it or try to control it. You never know what might happen on the way to love's open door.

We start friendships with handshakes, air-kissing, e-mails and chit-chat. We sense an affinity with someone. They like the same things as us, have the same view of life, politics or comedy. Or they may be very different, make us think more deeply or from a new perspective.  And it's often those who are apparently so unlike ourselves that we become more than just friendly toward. We fall in love.  Now, this week, there will be dissidents and nomadic types clamouring for your very  attention. And it's all going to be fun and romantic again if you engage in the unusual or eccentric, rather than turn your face away. Your catchphrase this week is,  Vive la difference'.

Yes, it's finally dawning on you. You're ready to rebel and kick against all that stuff about obligations, and duties and 'this is how it is'.  And that means if attached, your man seems to have developed an iron fist rather than a velvet glove.  If single, men out there are either too demanding, dull or full of so many complexes,  even Freud wouldn't want then on his couch. The good news however is you begin to find a way to worm yourself out of that deep hole of boredom.  Stifled, trampled on or simply ignored, you suddenly realise that there's 'me time' as well as 'everyone else' time. Get in time with your own sensual rhythms this week.

They say you're too headstrong. Men I mean. Yet they love you as a pal, or would take you on for a fling, as they guess you've set off down the path of clandestine relationships before.  But what kind of love do you truly thrive on? Simply to be loved for being you, simply to be loved for your whacky ways and because you're a brilliant companion perhaps? And if you're as interested in Jack the Ripper as you are in the way his motor keeps breaking down, well, why not? It doesn't mean you adore Jack more than him does it?  And with the empowering influence of the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction, whether single or attached, you can at last respect the rights of everyone, but most of all your own.

Imagine this. That you are a divine perfume in a bed of rotten onions. You are a light that sparks within. If single, you may reply to me, Yes, of course I'm attracting moths to a flame, but why are they always the wrong types that I find so boring or unavailable? What's wrong with me? Nothing, except attitude. You have a list (imaginery or literally) of what you want in a man and what you don't. Unconsciously we often chose those who are not available. Unavailability is highly desirable, it means we have a rival or a challenge, and love triangles or challenges recreate our earlier childhood battles. The known, however awful, is also reliable. Yet over the next few months, the fear of merger will seem less scary. The desire to get on with life and love is more enticing.  Isn't it nice to be a human being rather than trying to be a perfect being?

Now, no Aquarius I've ever met wants an ordinary love life. Most seem to thrive on personal space, maybe even independent living with no strings, and of course, unconditional love. The problem is that the value the collective places on 'conditions' doesn't gel very well with the often renegade ideals of your sign. You know, rules like, if you speak to another man then it's a sign of contempt for the one you're with. If you go on holiday alone, it's a sign you're having an affair. Thus, any terms of physical or emotional engagement seem to be set in stone. We 'must' be sexually faithful (probably a positive thing for the purpose of human evolution, but there's always another side to the argument), and we now must also be emotionally faithful.  Show you can, but only if it truly matters.

"Love is like musk, it attracts attention", wrote Rumi. And this week, the slinky, sultry, enigmatic you is as volatile a  as musk itself. You are love, and you feel it, and others sense it and want you close. But, there's something stopping you. A fear of going in too soon, or too near. Of being wrapped in a cacoon where all is one and safe,  perhaps almost merging in some mystical union for a while, but then having to come out of it again.  And that means having to face reality  So you play cool, say to ourself,  it's safer to live in limbo, to deny passion and run scared; to be neither satisfied nor desperate for more. But this week, I want you to fill yourself with yourself, fill yourself up with your feelings and your joy, sorrow memories and all that you have been, rather than pretend she doesn't exist. That attracts attention.

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