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The good news is that Saturn may be a planet of 'discipline'  but it's giving you the opportunity to define your deepest sexual values, take control of your life rather than let someone else do so, and wise up to your own sense of self-esteem. After all, if you put a low value on yourself, you can be sure that the world won't raise your price.  With a cluster of planets including Venus and Mars giving you the wow factor, dress to kill, revamp your image, strut your stuff and smile at the world.

Do we make our own choices, or is there something that decides for us? Fate and freewill spring to mind this week. Jung shrewdly said your character is your fate. And so too in love. If you try to avoid it, you'll meet it anyway. If you take responsiblity for loving someone, you must allow the other to love you too. Control of your own destiny is imperative to you I know, but there are times when meaningful coincidences remind you that as much a realist you are, there is a side of you which yearns for spontaneous love. This week welcome it.

Right now Jupiter, the planet of expansiveness and enthusiasm, ( also the god of profit and loss) is pushing your psychological buttons left right and centre. What can you gain from a love affair; will you lose out;  how far do you have to go to prove you love, hate or desire someone?And that someone is playing a pretty mean game of manipulation or 'wait and see'.
Now, the last thing you want, is to be used or to sit around twiddling your thumbs. You want answers. You want to know the truth.  You want to know where you stand. Ask.

Thanks to the planetary changes this week, you will have to ask yourself some very important questions.  Mercury says, 'be more flexible in partnership', Jupiter says ' take the odd risk, don't let love pass you by, don't avoid it', and Saturn, well Saturn says 'remember the best kind of relationship is one where your love for each other is greater than your dependence on each other.'  At last you begin to see the true light of love shining in someone's eyes, as well as your own.

Jupiter's changing influence this week, gives you carte blanche to lead the dance. We listen to music sometimes unaware of the intricate harmonies within the melody stream. And similarly with love. There are times when things are good, others not so good. Rises and falls, cadences and clashes. Throughout this week, Venus also give you a need for passion, the operatic performance of it all, but also the stillness and serenity of agreement. Make peace with yourself, first and foremost.

Do I bend and bow to my partner, or do I stand up for myself? This week's planetrary line-up says, 'let's just do it how someone else wants, I don't mind.'  But you do. And to diminish your own responsibilty for your needs and desires means you'll get walked over and then feel bad about it. So, around Tuesday, this is your chance to take responsibility for your personal wants and wishes. In fact, it's time to reinforce your self-esteem and think carefully about your feelings before you agree to something that goes against your instinct.

As much as you love them, your admirer or partner can be sometimes more unpredictable or unreliable than even you. This week, you could find you're tearing your hair out about nothing, when arrangements are broken, people just don't turn up, or you find yourself at the wrong venue. Put it down to the fact that everyone is just as restless as you. And quite frankly, isn't it more fun when things sometimes don't go according to plan? That means romance awaits you too.

OK this week you resort to believing the worst. That you're unlovable.  You've been through enough already to go through it all again. Why not settle for a simple life, and find a partner who never raises their voice, never gives you cause for suspicion and never, ever, ever, looks at another member of the opposite sex?  But then again, wouldn't that be totally contrary to your deepest needs in love? Maybe, just maybe the intense feelings, theatrical love affairs, torrid emotions and cauldrons of swirling passions are actually the very stuff you're made of?

With Mars, the planet of potency and god of courage, and Venus the planet of vanity, self-value and sexual desire, live out your passion and be true to your soul.  Sexually you're on a high and you're stirred into action. Negotiate, discuss, demand a little, pour your tales of worry and fears into the horse's mouth, for both heart and soul engaged in expression of who you are is your right. There is room in the world for those who want to make of their life anything they wish. And that's you.

Sometimes the most fascinating moments we have are those spent with virtual strangers. No hidden agendas get in the way of who, or what, we are, or have been. And this week, the speed at which you become close to someone is both exciting and frightening. You may consider cooling your heels just a little bit, or at least until you've got to know their faults as well as their finer points. Better to slow down now, than to regret having said too much, too soon, later on.

If we are too afraid to give out love, then we rarely are we lovable.  If we are too fearful of taking a risk, then we stay sullen, static, hollow and mean.  Is this you? I hardly think so. You try out different relationships, play many games and have unprecedented optimism in 'this is it. But, and the only but I'm going to remind you about this week is if the enthusiasm wears off and all returns to a so- called 'normal relationship your inner spirit can easily be driven to find another romance. Take care.

There's two kinds of lovers. One who sees each new love affair as a mountain of insurmountable problems, the other who sees each love affair as a mountain of opportunity. And I'm sure you know which is you.  This week, you have decisions to make and answers to resolve.  But if I may be so bold, use Jupiter's changing influence to consider clearly, and frankly who you really are. In the coming months, there are some huge life-changing and love-changing patterns up there in the heavens.


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