Aquarius Sign December Horoscope 2016

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

There are dramas in the lives of colleagues and employees. Probably there is employee turnover for those of you who employ others. Children of appropriate age are making dramatic financial changes – perhaps because of a financial crisis. Parents and parent figures should be more mindful when they drive during this period.

There are dramatic events in the lives of children or those who are like children to you. Those of you involved in the creative arts make dramatic changes to your creativity. A love affair (not a marriage) is shaky now. Your 11th house is still very strong until the 22nd.

You are still in Aquarius heaven – still (more than usual) involved with groups, organizations, group activities and friends. Your networking abilities, your ability to handle groups – always strong – is even stronger right now. After the 22nd the focus shifts to your spiritual life. Now, this has been important all year – and for many years. But this time of year it gets even more important. You’ve been in the social whirl, mixing with others, for a whole month.

A little bit of solitude is called for now. We make our best connection with the Divine when we are alone, when the mind is still and undisturbed. Friends are wonderful, but they tend to be a distraction. Interestingly, you will make more career progress sitting by your altar or in the lotus posture than you will by overt activity. Intuition and inner guidance will come into play and you will get clear instructions as to what to do. On a more mundane level, you can enhance your career through charitable activities and involvement in causes you believe in. This has been the case all year, but is especially so this month.

Your love planet is also in the 12th house after the 22nd. This gives us many messages. If there are love problems and convoluted conundrums, this is a time to surrender the whole issue to the Divine and let it handle things. When this is done sincerely, with the heart and not just the lips, peace descends and miraculous things start to happen.

This transit also indicates that singles should look for love opportunities in spiritual-type settings – not the bars and clubs, but in meditation seminars, prayer meetings or spiritual lectures. Sitting at the feet of the guru will bring more real love opportunity than any mundane type of activity. This is a period where spiritual compatibility with the beloved becomes important.

With good spiritual compatibility and spiritual commitment to each other almost anything can be worked out, but this is not so easy if spiritual compatibility is lacking. This position also shows that, for singles, spiritual love methods should be used now. Thus if you want to manifest a mate, make a list – detailed – of all the qualities that you want, and imagine that you are with this person in meditation.

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