Capricorn Sign December Horoscope 2016

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

Those who employ others are having dramas with employees now. Once again there are changes in the health regime and diet. With your health planet retrograde until the 14th, study these changes more – and perhaps wait until the 14th to make them. Health is good this month.

Your 1st house is strong. On the 21st you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak. A time to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh – to give the body its due. Also very good to get the image and body in the right shap – to get your overall appearance the way you want it to be.

This is your period of maximum independence as well. So make those changes, create your desired conditions, now. Power in your 1st house always enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. Animal spirits tend to be high. Personal appearance tends to shine because more planetary energy is coming into it. With both the Sun and Pluto in your 1st house after the 22nd (Pluto has been there for a few years now), this is an excellent period to lose weight, detox the body and work to transform the body.

Some of you might be contemplating cosmetic surgery (both Pluto and the lord of the 8th house are in your 1st house) – but there are other ways to achieve these goals: diet, yoga and meditation to name just a few. With Pluto and the ruler of the 8th house in your own sign, you exude a lot of sex appeal. Probably you are not doing this consciously, but it comes out anyway and others take notice.

Finances are a bit stressful after the 22nd – debt seems to be the issue. But this is a short-term problem. By next month, prosperity will resume. Uranus starts to move forward on the 10th – so now you have more direction and clarity in finances. Next month you enter a yearly financial peak.

You have made some dramatic financial changes this year, but bigger ones will happen next year. Love seems status quo: marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. However, Venus in your own sign until the 21st shows enhanced personal charm and attractiveness – more social grace. And also many non-serious love opportunities. In general your social magnetism will be stronger from the 1st to the 10th and from the 24th onwards – the periods when the Moon waxes.

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