Gemini Sign December Horoscope 2016

Gemini Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

Monthly Horoscope : December 2016You are still very much in your yearly social peak until the 22nd. Love is good even after the 22nd, too, as the Sun starts making very beautiful aspects to your love planet. Love is in the neighbourhood or with neighbours. No need to travel far and wide. Events in your life will start moving at a faster pace this month.

The month begins with 30 per cent of the planets retrograde, but ends with ALL the planets moving forward. Mercury, your ruling planet, moves forward on the 14th. Uranus moves forward on the 10th and Jupiter, your love planet, starts moving forward on the 25th. If you’ve been doing your proper review during the retrogrades, you are well positioned to leap forward when the planets start moving forward again.

Happily your love life will start to clarify now. Singles are meeting new people and are involved in romance, but at least now they will know where things are headed. Marrieds or those involved in a current relationship are having more harmony with their partner. You are still very popular this month. You reach out to others.

You are pro-active – creating the social life that you want. The retrograde of Mercury weakens personal confidence, but this might be a good thing this month, as personal effort or personal self-confidence is not that important. It is likeability that matters. The fact that you are a bit more ‘vulnerable’ now will probably increase your popularity.

You are putting your relationships first and this, probably more than any other factor, brings social success. You are not dismayed by the normal obstacles that arise in love. Health improves after the 22nd. If there have been health problems you should hear good news about this – especially on the 24th. Job-seekers also have good opportunity after the 22nd.


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