Libra Sign December Horoscope 2016

Libra Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

Health again becomes more delicate after the 22nd. Though this period is nowhere near as stressful as March or April, you still need to be on the case. Review the health section of the yearly report. Give the heart more attention. Get more involved in prayer and have others pray for you. Your 3rd house is still powerful until the 22nd, so review our discussion of last month. It is a time for expanding and exercising the mind, for catching up on all the letters, e-mails and phone calls you owe.

Your mind is sharper than usual now, and students should do well in their studies. One of the problems with power in the 3rd house is that one tends to overdo a good thing. Usually people talk too much – more than is necessary. Sometimes they can’t resist the temptation to get involved in destructive forms of speech – slander, malicious kinds of gossip – this kind of thing should definitely be avoided. Even listening to too much of this is not good. From the health perspective, it lowers the vibrations and saps the vitality needed for healing. On the 22nd your 4th house becomes powerful and, as in the past few months, most of the planetary power is below the horizon. So this is a family period.

You serve them by being there for them, not by achieving honours or prestige. Those involved in psychological therapies should meet with good success – there are breakthroughs and insights happening. When the 4th house is strong, we all start to wax nostalgic. Almost involuntarily, we are remembering the past, reliving the past. As long as you are aware of this – you see it consciously – this is wonderful. It is a period where you can digest the past, look at it from the ‘here–now’ perspective, see how silly your old reactions were, how things turned out differently from the way that you imagined.

This is a healthy thing. But the danger is, if this happens unconsciously, then the tendency is to relive the past, repeat past patterns – to come from the past rather than from the here and now. Finances seem good after the 22nd as your financial planet receives positive stimulation. Holiday loot should be larger than usual. And, probably, you are giving more as well. Friends seem very supportive financially after the 22nd. Family as well. Mars, your love planet, is now in the spiritual 12th house. This gives us many messages. Now the spiritual dimension is important in love.

You and the beloved need to be on the same spiritual wavelength – share the same spiritual ideals, be on the same path. Spiritual discord will destroy even a basically good relationship. But there are other messages, too. Singles, the unattached, should look for love in spiritual settings – at meditation sessions, prayer meetings, spiritual retreats, religious pilgrimages or as they involve themselves in charity or volunteer work.

If you are looking for love in the clubs, you’re wasting your time. If there are problems in your love life, the horoscope is saying to ‘cast these burdens on the divine’ and go free. Let a higher power handle things. And it will. There is a need to surrender this area to the Divine.

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