Pisces Sign December Horoscope 2016

Pisces Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

Last month the planetary power shifted back to the independent East from the West. Day by day you are becoming more independent and self-directed. Last month, on the 9th, Neptune (your personal planet) started to move forward after many months of retrograde motion.

There is more clarity and direction in your life. Personal self-confidence is much stronger than it has been in many months. You are now more able to create your own happiness and to shape conditions to your specifications. Other people can’t really make you happy now – it is up to you. Happiness is a spiritual choice that you make and, based on this inner choice, you will take the appropriate action. Career is still the major headline this month.

You are still in the midst of a yearly career peak. Great progress is being made. On the 25th your career planet, Jupiter, will start moving forward again, thus long-standing issues will start to be clarified. You are earning your success through oldfashioned hard work this month (last month, too), but sometimes this is not enough for success.

You also have the support of friends and your partner or current love. Social connections play a huge role in your success – and this is a time to attend or host the right kinds of parties. You are meeting the people who can help you. Love is more delicate this month as your love planet is retrograde until the 14th (it began to retrograde on the 24th of last month). So avoid any major love decisions one way or the other until after the 14th.

Your love planet is in the 10th house of career this month. Thus the unattached have romantic opportunities with bosses, superiors, people involved in their career and as they pursue their career goals. Power and prestige are very alluring now. If someone powerful loves us, we feel more ‘personally important’. But it goes deeper than that. Love is seen as another way to advance the career. It is seen as a job like any other. The passion of love doesn’t matter that much. One can learn to love anyone, so it may as well be someone who can help one’s career.

There are dramatic events in the lives of children (or those who play this role in your life). Often these events are ‘life-changers’. This is their purpose. Pisces of appropriate age could have an unexpected pregnancy now. Health needs more watching this month. There is a need for mindfulness while driving and in your daily affairs and relationships.

You can enhance health by paying more attention to your heart (all month), liver and thighs (until the 22nd) and to your spine, knees, back, bones, teeth and skeletal alignment. Regular back massage and visits to a chiropractor or osteopath might be a good idea from the 22nd onwards. Finances are stressful until the 22nd, but will improve after then.

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