Scorpio Sign December Horoscope 2016

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope :  December 2016

A happy and prosperous month ahead. Like last month, you are in a yearly financial peak. True, you still need to be cautious about big purchases, investments and major financial moves, but even this will improve after the 25th.

Your spouse, partner or current love also needs more caution in financial matters until the 14th. Credit card, mortgage and refinancing offers also need more study. Read the small print and don’t be afraid to ask ‘What if?’ kinds of questions. Many people think that they have adequate insurance until something happens and they actually try to collect. Then they find out that there are all kinds of loopholes they weren’t aware of. This is a time for checking these things thoroughly – until the 14th. (This period began for you on the 24th of last month.)

Health is still good. You can make it better by paying more attention to your small intestine. This is a period where you are more experimental in health matters, more prone to explore new therapies and supplements. A period where you want to explore what works for you personally. This is good, as this is how we gain new knowledge.

You seem very involved in the health of friends this month as well. Love is still happy this month. You are more cautious in love until the 21st. Slower to fall in love, slower to enter relationships.

You sort of have a ‘show me’ mentality. It’s as if you don’t believe in romantic love – it has to be proven to you. For singletons, love is in the neighbourhood and perhaps with neighbours. Educational settings also seem good for love – schools, lectures, workshops. If there are problems in a current relationship, open up the lines of communication and perhaps take courses together as a couple. The intellectual dimension is important in love. You need to fall in love with the beloved’s thought processes as much as with his or her body. After the 21st your love planet moves into your 4th house.

This shows more socializing at home and with family members – more family gatherings. (This is not a surprise, considering this is the holiday season, but the horoscope merely reveals what is – it doesn’t need to surprise us.) Often under these aspects you meet up with old loves from the past – usually to resolve old issues. After the 21st love is at home or close to home.

Family members (and perhaps parents or parent figures) like to play cupid. In other cultures this aspect would indicate an ‘arranged’ marriage. But, most likely, parents or family members are working behind the scenes here. Until the 21st intellectual compatibility – communication – is very important in love. After this, emotional sharing and emotional intimacy allure you. This is how you feel loved and how you show it. It doesn’t matter how brilliant the other person is, if you can’t connect emotionally, the relationship will have problems. There are more career changes happening after the 22nd – and more dramas in the lives of parents, parent figures and bosses.

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