Taurus Sign December Horoscope 2016

Taurus Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

Your financial planet starts to move forward on the 14th and thus it’s best to do your holiday shopping after the 14th. Your judgement will be more realistic, you’ll make better choices, and won’t overpay or overspend.

Your financial planet will be in the 8th house all month. Thus this is a period where you prosper by putting others’ financial interests ahead of your own. Your job is to make other people rich. As you do so, your own wealth comes to you naturally by the karmic law.

This is also a month to pay off debts and get financially healthier – for getting rid of excess possessions, excess bank accounts, redundant savings accounts, brokerage accounts and the like. Streamline and simplify your financial life. Cut costs and waste. (Don’t cut essentials, only waste.) This is also a good month to borrow or refinance if you need to. Creative financing will work well. Professional investors will want to look at bonds or troubled companies or properties – there are profit opportunities there.

The cosmos is preparing you now for your yearly career peak, which will begin next month. Your career planet has been retrograde for many months and will start to move forward on the 10th. There is clarity in the career now. Clarity, and much interest. This is 90 per cent of the battle. You see where you need to go and have the drive and will to go there.

Career progress is happening – last month was good, too. Further, Venus crosses the midheaven after the 21st and this brings promotion, elevation, honour, appreciation and more responsibility. You are on top and in control. You seem above everyone in your world – this condition won’t last long, but it is nice to experience.

This month, on the 22nd, your 9th house becomes strong. This enhances your interest in religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel. Travel opportunities are coming. Educational opportunities come your way. Students do well in school. You are a mentor to those beneath you and a disciple to those above you. Health is much improved over last month. And after the 22nd it gets even better.

You can enhance it even more by paying more attention to your spine, knees, teeth, bones, skeletal alignment (like last month and all year – until the 21st) and then to your ankles and calves after the 21st. Until the 22nd the focus is still on the deeper things of life – depth psychology, the psychology that explores past incarnations, seems very powerful for you right now. Some of you might want to have past-life regression done. What we have written last month still applies until the 22nd.

Your spouse, partner or current love is still in a yearly financial peak. On the 25th his or her financial planet starts to move forward, and this will further help the financial picture. He or she has been very generous with you since June 4, and the trend continues this month as well.

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