Virgo Sign December Horoscope 2016

Virgo Monthly Horoscope : December 2016

Your period of relative independence is over. Presumably you have created conditions that you thought would be pleasant. Now you will find out whether they really are or not. This is called ‘paying karma’ – living with the results of your past creations – experiencing the good and bad points of past decisions.

Now it is not so easy to change things, as you need the cooperation of other people. Your personal worth and merit is not the issue these days – your likeability, your ability to gain the co-operation of others, is the main factor. So you are being called on to develop, hone and cultivate your social skills.

The horoscope is designed to give us a wellrounded development. Sometimes what we think of as ‘difficult’ conditions are really the most natural thing in the world, from an astrological perspective – it is only the cosmos calling upon us to develop different virtues. Eventually, as we attain more knowledge and insight, we will actually delight in these seemingly difficult situations.

Home and family concerns are still the major focus until the 22nd. Those of you who are seeing therapists should have deep breakthroughs – more than usual. So much of life is a matter of timing. We indulge in something for a long time and progress seems slow, then one day (seemingly out of the blue – but really because the planets were favourable) we achieve the breakthrough.
Some family issues are not coming from this life – the problems began in past embodiments; it might be a good idea to do a past-life regression to deal with the root cause of the problem. After the 22nd your 5th house becomes powerful.

You enter a yearly personal pleasure peak – beautiful timing, just in time for the holidays. Those of you on the spiritual path will have very enhanced personal creativity. Even those not on the path will have greater creativity, but they won’t understand the source – they will think it comes from themselves. Children seem more involved than usual in spirituality this period, and they will achieve more insight and understanding in these things. Be careful of speculations from the 1st to the 3rd.

You are more speculative then – the urge is strong – but the odds are not with you. A sudden car, computer or phone expense happens, but don’t sweat it, though it is annoying. These are short-term problems. This is a period for ‘happy’ money (until the 21st) – money that is earned in fun kinds of ways and through personal creativity. The act of money-making needn’t be a bore and a chore; with a bit of creativity, we can make it fun.

Health is still delicate until the 22nd, so respect your physical limits, maintain high energy levels, focus on the really important things and rest and relax more. Happily your focus on leisure will be a help. Regular face and scalp massage will do wonders for you (the head contains reflexes to the entire body, and when you massage it you energize the whole body)

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