12 to 18 September 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

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It may be the forthcoming equinox means we're all suckers for the the hype about what's good for you, and what's not. But there's something else that needs to come to light this coming autumn. And that's your own take on love and romance. So what exactly is it? What makes you feel good to be alive, who or what brings you out in sexy shivers? Who turns you off? Is there something you regret from the past which is still niggling you like a mosquito bite? And how can you live with someone and still have that freedom you hold so dear?  These are questions you will find the answers to this week.

Wow, you have an urge to move on and dump your baggage, start afresh, have a pillow fight, or leg it to some exotic shore in search of romance. Yet irritatingly, also evoking hostility and confrontation around every corner.  If attached, you wonder, oh you wonder, why you chose this particular path many moons ago. But don't feel guilty for thinking that.  We all do it. We all make choices, set off
into the forest of romance, thinking, this is it. And then IT usually turns out to be like the last IT, and so on. This week, it feels like your survival in the love stakes is literally, at stake. Do you reveal your frustrations, or your need for more romance? And if single, do you leap into a new relationship for the sake of it, because secretly you hate to be alone? You will find your way, believe me.

The dark side of you broodily thinks, " I hate being bored, and when I'm alone I get bored.' The light side of you will remember, 'hey, but I'm a romantic, I adore being in love, only it's the responsibility that comes with it later that gets to me.'  Yet in the still forest of commitment, all moves, unseen, unknown. Your partner or new admirer must learn that you do flip from being totally in love one day, to thinking it's all a tremendous bother the next.  But what comes to mind this week, thanks to the planets, is that maybe you need to be more compassionate with yourself. For however hard you search for that 'soul-mate' out there, it's actually hidden deep within you.

This week you're thinking deep thoughts. You're not that concerned with social concerns, yes, it lightens up the world, but the planets are giving you other thoughts about yourself. If we can go deep within ourselves, we usually find we possess exactly what it is we desire.  Like the words from Pink's pop song, "When someone said, count your blessings now before they're long gone, I guess I just didn't know how. I was all wrong,"  perhaps it's time to enjoy who you are and what you have? Whether single or attached, you have permission from the cosmos to be the witty, footloose and multifaceted woman that you are destined to be.  Don't squish her now.

You're restless. The planets bring us all a sense of new direction or the light at the end of another romantic tunnel. But which? Do you widen your perception, opt for a more spiritual pathway, become a nomad or write that visionary book? Or just opt for a twosome thing which keeps you sexy and dynamic? We have many choices and pathways to follow. And quite simply they all are right for any given moment that we chose them. This week, don't give into some fantasy future, give out your talents, give life to your true beliefs, and follow your romantic nose.

One of love’s greatest values is exemplified in the words of Keats: "I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affection and the truth of the imagination". And right know you’re immersed in that subtly emotive state. After a long and arduous journey, there’s a great feeling of relief when we come full circle to the place we know, the 'home' of ourselves. And that’s the point you’ve finally reached. In past weeks you’ve started to enjoy a sensation of security and grounding within your romantic relationships, which previously seemed to slip through your fingers like water. Now you can hold them forever, if you truly desire.

Speak up and show your true feelings and magically puts the 'ahhh' back into romance. You’re either sending sexy texts, smooching like teenagers, or planning jaunts to surprise and thrill your man, in the knowledge that this time it’s for real. There’s no going back, and even if you could you wouldn’t want to anyway. With the autumn upon us, your sensual charisma is irresistable and any fireworks are not the over-in-a-flash sort, but the long-drawn out excitement of the whole shebang.  It’s not often you feel this safe and certain, but long, hard, internalised reflection is giving you the insight to see your relationship’s potential clearly.

Heightened feelings, sincerity, added energy and deeper understanding bring dreamy moments of intimacy and mutual attraction, and there’s a passionate reaction to every word you speak and every breath you take. Don’t let a moment of self-doubt take you by surprise or behave out of character on the 18th. Trying to shake things up for shaking’s sake, and there’s too much at stake for you not to get what you’ve worked towards. With Mercury again on your side, you’ve got the intuitive back up to put paid to any blips. Stay focused, let your heart and soul speak, and this week may well be one of the best you’ve ever experienced yet.

Partners or admirers might be complaining a bit and you’re starting to think that maybe they’ve got a point. Have you been so wrapped up in yourself, that you haven’t had time for other people? When someone left a message to meet up, did you answer it or did you -forget-?  This week, put Venus’s intuitive influence to use and find out what’s on a lover or friend's mind. Apologise for letting other things take up all your time and explain that you want to be there for them. The only way to retain the personal independence that you prize, is by nurturing your loved ones too. Treat them like flowers. A few kind words and a little watering and they’ll bring colour to your life - so get watering and talking.

Of course there will be days when you don't see eye to eye with your partner, and the bathroom looks a mess and you wonder why you fell in love at all. Was it physical chemistry, hormones and genes, sexual desire, or companionship that made you commit yourself? Hardly done in an impulsive moment, or was it? Yet the Capricorn need for security and sensual pleasure is what drives you on, underpins all your hopes, romantic yearnings and practical attitude to life. And if single, you know now what you didn't know a few years back: that you need to be in control of your life, and no-one else can do it for you.  This week everything just falls into a lovely place.

There's that thing stirring you about your independence again. (It comes and goes through your mind like a flight of swallows).  But  by the 18th, you no longer do you see a commitment as giving something up (i.e. your personal independence), but of gaining something better. And what more magical way could there be to make this a week to remember, than with someone who shares your deepest thoughts and your most exciting hopes and dreams too? As Kahlil Gibran said,  and I paraphrase, a loving couple should stand side by side, like two great oaktrees feeding from the same source, yet having separate roots.

You're a bit like the rock of Gibraltar. Always there when needed; reliable and of course resourceful. And this week, you might wonder why it is that others are being a little distant and independent. In fact, so confident are they in their own plans and schemes they don't seem to fall back on your good advice or admire your designer kitchen. Could it be that actually they have never really wanted more than someone to talk at, rather than to talk with?  At least someone out there is ready to join up with you for some personal reform, whether down the gym or at the romantic table. And you? Well, you're beginning to see value in what you are, not what you own.

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