19 to 25 December 2016 Weekly Love Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

All Signs Weekly Horoscope 19 December 2016 

It's been rather like a long-haul flight with no sleep. A timeless feeling. Then you hear a clock chime or someone says, 'hey it's nearly xmas, let's celebrate' and you're back in the world of manufactured time. Saturn symbolises Time and Chronology,  (Saturn was previously known as Kronos in Greek mythology, the god of Time, and the root of the word chronology) And the planet's lumbering crawl in and out of Libra so far this year, has certainly made you aware of lack of time, too much time, the time it takes to get a reply from someone you love, and the time it takes between two lovers to get closer. And here you are again, feeling as if you're trapped by its cause and effect. Prepare to free yourself this festive season, and put 'time' well and truly behind you.

Of course you don't 'need' anybody else. You don't want to be dependent on your partner for anything, and no way are you going to do things the way they think best. In fact you feel pretty determined to be the most independent, self-poised, prestigious person this festive season, as you climb on board that metaphorical space-ship bound for distant galaxies. You're feeeling pretty good about yourself and you're in control of your love life. And if single, you begin to think and believe in the perfect match. It's exactly that kind of magical thinking which will create snychronicity in your life. But if attached, remember there is someone special beside you. Don't forget your lover in your quest for self-awareness and becoming who you are.

It's funny how when we fall in love we feel released from the worries and anxieties of the world around us. We feel liberated from the past, and we hardly have time to imagine the future. Then paradoxically, as we get deeper involved, love seems to trap us, chains our hearts; binds us so we feel we cannot escape from its clutches. Love has such a hold over us that we use it to control others too.
Some don't mind or cannot resist. But some of us do everything we can to free ourselves, by perhaps falling in love with someone new and repeating the whole process again.  Hardly you, or is it? With the strange planetary activity this festive week, there does seem to be a 'freedom trap' going on in your life. Watch out you don't fall into it.

You may not be conscious of it, but something has shifted in your love life. A cog has turned another wheel, or another reality or plane of existence has tapped into yours. The latticework of the universe, eternally dimensional, has vibrated to the right chord and either way you're beginning to fall in or get out through love's threads which hold us all in its web. You too have been torn between mistrust and utter faith. Like the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, if you look back you lose all, if you move on and trust in the future, you will gain the love you truly seek. Yet something keeps telling you to turn round, to go back. And how can you trust something that you haven't experienced before? Follow your nose, not the expectations of others.

Long-lost lovers and new ones come to mind this week. Well, not so much lost, just those who maybe you've not been in contact with for some time. Rather like kitchen gadgets, I'm afraid our lovers sometimes outlive their usefulness, or they don't fit in with our current lifestyle. And then we have to move on, find new lovers or garlic presses. Then we sometimes remember X or Y, and wonder if we should call or mail them. What will they think, are they fuming because you lost touch? Do they even care?  Well this festive season, someone does need a call from you, and you'll benefit from making it too. A 'power point' in the solar system concerned with 'fated encounters is making tracks through your sign right now, and someone from the past or someone new will cross your path and change it for the better.

This week, your partner or admirer doesn't quite feel so feisty and motivated as you'd like them to be.  But luckily, that means you can take advantage of their laid-back willingness to be led astray or led up the altar. You see how to find a balance between your idealistic long-term vision of how love could be, and the reality of it all. One side of you says, 'you need a cooling off period, take it slow, don't be impulsive.' Hey, they may not even FEEL the same way as you. You might also begin to say, in the classic words of King Lear, 'I think I have observed a faint neglect of late'. Similarly, if attached, you begin to doubt your partner's feelings. Do they really love me? What do they think of me? I need proof of their feelings.  This Christmas, be patient.  Things are about to get better.

Oh dear, you keep falling into that little trap of being totally available 24/7. "Of course I'll meet you after work, I've got nothing else I need to do!" (secretly you know you were going to meet your pal and go Christmas shopping, but they'll understand).  Quite frankly, ask yourself what you truly want. An equal partner who loves themself  (because if they don't love himself then how can you?) as well as you.  And if you're the one doing all the 'loving' - in other words being indispensible day and night to their every whim and not giving yourself the right to say 'no', then what kind of love is that? Begin to see you and your lover or new admirer as just two players on the world stage; no more, no less. But beautifully sparkling in the fairy lights this week.

Flirting with life means you're living life. Flirting with your colleagues to make the day happier, or the workload less grim, is a positive use of charm and creates positive engagement with others and life itself. And this week, I hope that you'll do exactly that as the festive season sets in. Not only to stir happiness into those around you, but to shine brightly and glow in the adoration of those who know that flirting is about connecting with other people, not disassociating from them.  And I'm going on about flirting because Venus is encouraging you to charm the pants of everyone in the nicest possible way.

This week is, dare I say it, a christmas tree-hugging sort of week. You know, you just want to put your arms round all that tinsel, hang the stocking a week early and rustle up some mulled wine and mince pies. Or if single, go out and socialize without a care in the world.  So go and do all those things you love to do and see how free and carefree it makes you feel. Funnily enough, if single, you'll probably meet a fellow socialite who's up for a festive whirl too. And if attached? Embrace your partner as you would the tree, talk to them as you would the intriguing stranger, and hang on their every word as you would indulge in the stocking ceremony. It's time to trust in love all around.

Venus gives you the voice and the insight to take as much as give, and a few cunning tactics (oh go on, you don't have to be a paradigm of virtue all the time) to put you in a position of sexual power. In fact, there's a change in the atmosphere as partners admire your ability to walk into that Christmas party with confidence and panache. Say to yourself every morning in the mirror that you're up for some kind of reward. The more you believe it, and the more you say it, the more you'll be in control of your life.  With the planets giving you the feelgood factor, it's the smaller things in life which hold the key to romantic happiness this week.

I guess you're feeling pulled in two directions about your feelings due to Neptune, the planet of dissolution and longing, and Jupiter the planet of enterprise and exploration. In other words, do you sacrifice your dreams or follow your instinct about one love relationship? Self-belief or self-sabotage? Think clearly and focus on what you truly want for Christmas, and you won't have a problem, simply an incredible opportunity to make your love life what you want it to be. Rght now, you're free to speak about your desires and needs, and if single, acknowledge the love of someone who you've resisted for some time.

As Jung said, 'what we resist, persists' - in other words the more you resist giving in to your feelings, the more the tension will continue. Be gentle and kind towards yourself as you would the elderly or animals. You need to give inwards as well as outward. This Christmas, a lover or partner will start to take notice instead of taking umbrage. Yes, you have moods and you're restless and unpredictable, but what's the problem with that? This is who you are, and if someone doesn't like it or sits in judgement upon your choices and behaviour (and I'm talking 'someone' being your partner) then frankly, it's time to stand up for yourself and start to take responsibility for being who you are.

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